Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Recent Skincare Empties

I don't know if it's just me but I feel like I always run out of multiple skincare products all at the same time which then warrants for some extra shopping or more like shopping of the stash, as is my current situation.

I always loved Clinique's GWP offers and have found many favourites tucked away in those small pouches but the Clinique Rinse-off eye makeup solvent was a huge disappointment for me - it  didn't really remove my eye makeup all that well and it felt oddly soapy and slightly irritating on the skin.

After I used the thankfully, tiny bottle of the Clinique makeup remover I came back to my old faithful, Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar water. In the above photo only the mini size is shown but trust me, I go through the bigger bottles very quickly.

Omorovicza Illuminating Moisturizer and Rejuvenating Night Cream were part of the Omorovicza Mini Essential Kit which I got in the beginning of this year, and these two products were the last two I used up from the set. As mentioned in my initial review I  loved the scent and the overall feel of the Rejuvenating Night Cream and would probably purchase the full-size in the future. On the other hand I wasn't as impressed with the Illuminating Moisturizer and found it was just ok - it did moisturize well but it didn't feel as soothing on my skin as the night cream and certainly not worth the price.

La Roche Posay Toleriane Ultra
became one of my staples and I have repurchased another bottle of this soothing moisturizer soon as I ran out. It is a bit too rich for my t-zone but works perfectly for the rest of my face and I just can't be without it each winter.

Lastly, I've used up two eye creams and truthfully, wasn't really impressed with either of them: the Clinique Even Better Eyes is a lightweight eye cream with a slight tint and shimmer to it which only momentarily improve the appearance of the undereye circles. I found that this cream wasn't really enough on days when my undereyes felt very dry but luckily it didn't irritate my skin either. Basically, it's a bit of an inbetween product - it wasn't awful by any means but I wouldn't repurchase it either. The second eye moisturizer was the Lierac Diopticalm - this was a little bit of a funny one as it's supposed to be used more as a balm for the eyelids. I used it all around my eyes and whilst the gel-like formula felt refreshing on my skin it did absolutely nothing for the fine lines, undereye darkness or just general smoothness of the eye area. Looking at the ingredients list I shouldn't really be all that surprised as it's mostly water, witch hazel, escin and a mix of parabens. One last thing which was disappointing with both of the eye products was the size - the Clinique one contained 10 ml and the Lierac one only 8 ml, as opposed to the "regular" 15 ml. Not impressed. I am now happily back at using the Paula's Choice RESIST serum as my undereye cream.
Now that was a mix  of some hits and misses and I think there will be plenty of empty pink Bioderma bottles in the future before I use any other skincare products. But, in the meantime I am *this* close to finishing not one, not two, but three lipsticks. To be continued...


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