Thursday, July 18, 2013

How skincare samples should be done

I love samples! I know, who doesn't but honestly I sometimes get more excited about a pretty little sample than a regular sized product.

Makeup samples are of course great, especially foundation sachets and the more generous Barbie-sized lipsticks but when it comes to skincare, sampling the products before splurging on the full size product is at least for me very important. Reading the ingredients list is one thing and it is a good indicator on whether the product would hopefully work for me (or in most cases not work for me), but having the chance of trying the lotions and potions for at least a week or two and see the initial reaction of the skin is even better.

Not many brands offer any type of sampling prior to purchasing but in my opinion this part of the purchasing process is becoming more and more important especially since a lot of brands are now available on the virtual store shelves and may be harder to find in regular stores. Case in point, Pai Skincare and Paula's Choice: Pai products are not available in any stores here in Slovenia and the distribution of Paula's Choice skincare is limited to beauty salons. That's why I think that offering these sample sets is a brilliant way for us potential customers to at least get an idea of the brand and the products they sell.

The Pai Sample Pack comes with a set of six 4-5 mls jars giving you a chance to try their cleanser, moisturizers and exfoliator. Plus, there's a cute little muslin cloth included in the package. Price? 6€ and the shipping's free!

Paula's Choice on the other hand lets you choose samples of almost all her products on their website but it was the Paula's Choice Resist sample set that I chose. For 3€ and again free shipping you get a selection of at least 10 samples from her Resist line. One bad thing though is that you can't choose the exact samples you'll receive but in my package there was a complete range of products - from cleanser, toner, serum to moisturizers.

I truly wish more brands would do such sample sets, for a reasonable price of course. Do tell if you know of any similar sampling programme by any other skincare brands!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Illamasqua now in Slovenia!

Illamasqua products are now much to my surprise available in Slovenia - you can find them in some of the larger Müller stores. The selection of makeup brands in Slovenia is quite standard and there hasn't been much change for years so I'm happy that the colourful Illamasqua products can now be tested, swatched and purchased in our brick&mortar stores.

Funnily enough, the first product I picked out is probably one of the least colourful options from their range, the Cream Pigment in Hollow which I intend to use mostly as a contour. So far the colour seems to work well with my skintone but I'll report more about it once I'll have it tested thoroughly.

Next on my wishlist is their Powder Blusher in Lover or the blusher duo in Lover and Hussy. When I swatched these blushes their pigmentation and texture were just so soft and silky to the touch and I really don't have anything like the beautiful apricot coloured Lover in my makeup stash.

What are some of your favourites and recommendations from Illamasqua?


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