Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Becca Lip & Cheek Palette in Dusty Rose

About a year ago BECCA Cosmetics released their 10 year anniversary Collection and amongst the limited edition items was also their Lip & Cheek palette in Dusty Rose. After some "umming and ahhing" a  5 GBP coupon on LookFantastic was all the push I needed to order this little palette. And as I've now hit pan on two of the colours I can clearly say that I'm happy with the purchase.

The palette contains four different products (clockwise from top left):
- Creme Blush in Turkish Rose: a lovely no-fuss pink-brown colour that is a joy to use because of its neutral colour and light, almost oily texture which blends in to the skin without a problem. This is part of their regular line and is my most used product in this palette and will therefore most likely be a repurchase.
- Lip Gloss in Cassini: this for me is the most underwhelming product in the palette. It's a very sheer peachy lip colour which apart from stickiness and some shine doesn't add much else to the lips.
- Creme Highlighter in Narcissus: is a golden toned highlighter with a very refined shimmer. It feels very compact to the touch and is not too creamy. The colour works well for me but I think it may be a bit tricky for those with a cool-toned skintone.
- Lip & Cheek Creme in Tuberose: lastly is the quite popular Lip & Cheek Creme in Tuberose, a bright and very pigmented pink coral shade. In comparison to the Creme Blush in Turkish Rose the pigmentation of Tuberose is much higher and therefore requires some caution with application. It is also not as soft in texture as Turkish Rose and may be a better choice for those with an oilier skin type. Surprisingly it also looks very nice on the lips - I find most Lip&Cheek products usually work well either as a blush or a lip product but not as both. Tuberose is pigmented and soft enough that it does the job well on both counts (for example it is not as dry as the Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge but not as greasy as Stila's Convertible Colours).

L-R: Creme Blush in Turkish Rose, Lip & Cheek Creme in Tuberose, Highlighter in Narcissus, Lip Gloss in Cassini

The names of each product are only written on the ingredients list and even there it is not indicated which quarter is which product but you can tell quite easily by trying the products and by checking out some swatches online.

Overall, I really like this palette - my favourites are the luckily not limited edition Cheek products in Turkish Rose and Tuberose and I liked Narcissus but was a bit meh about Cassini so for me this palette would work even better if another cheek product or a more pigmented lipstick would have replaced the lipgloss.

I bought the palette on LookFantastic but I don't think it's available there anymore although as mentioned above, the two cheek products are part of Becca's regular lineup.


  1. I have this and never use it for some reason. Need to dig it out!

    1. Hi Christa! Try using it more often, I especially like using these colours now that the weather is finally warmer :)



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