Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Essie nail polishes in Slovenia

This post will be of most interest for the Slovenian readers so here it goes: the Essie polishes are now finally available in DMs in Slovenia - the list of DMs where you can find Essie stands is HERE. Not all colours from the range are available, I think they picked out 60 or so most popular shades. 

These drugstore versions of Essie polishes have a flatter and wider brush than the salon version (woo hoo!) but also contains slightly less product, 13.75 ml vs. 15 ml (boo!). 

The two colours that I picked up are Mint Candy Apple and Meet me at Sunset, both perfect as a reminder that summer is just around the corner, or so they say.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

It's Macarons time!

Lately I have been just a little bit obsessed with these little sweets. Now that I've had more time on my hands (I had a big exam in April which was also the reason for me being quiet on this blog) I've been talking macarons, thinking macarons and fortunately for everyone around me making macarons.

Thanks to a tried and tested recipe shared by my work colleague and the book Macarons by Pierre Hermé making the macarons was probably much easier than if I'd just go with the first recipe I found on google. Although there are now literally hundreds of (some very useful) posts with tips and tricks to prevent these fragile shells from cracking, spilling all over the baking sheets and just looking like a hot mess. 

I haven't yet tried making the macarons shells using the recipes in Pierre Hermés book - something about putting hot sugar in egg whites makes me think of disaster. I have however tried quite a few of the recipes for the ganaches and other fillings in his book and most of them were wonderful, with the lemon, mint and chocolate-caramel being my favourites.

I will admit that making macarons just makes me very happy. They don't always end up great and it still bugs me that they are so temperamental but seeing those little feet form in the oven, sadwiching the two shells with some kind of chocolatey goodness and just watching how other people enjoy eating them puts a big smile on my face.

Let me know what are some of your favourite macarons flavours or recipes, I'm all ears!


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