Thursday, November 22, 2012

Winter Wishlist

Winter Wishlist

'Tis the season to make a wishlist, la la la la laaaa la laa laa laaaaaaa. There have been so many amazing gift sets coming out this season that this list could honestly be a few pages long. But here are a couple of things that I've been wanting to try for a while together with some new gems. The total of this Polyvore set is headache inducing and this wishlist should in all honesty be titled the "Never-gonna-happen Wishlist". I will refrain from posting the prices - you can click on the link of each item if you want but it's at your own risk.

Frederic Malle Coffret Collection for Women (195€)
Frederic Malle has recently released three different boxes/"coffrets" contatining generous 5ml samples from the line. I've got my eye on the Collection for Women which includes 15 small bottles of all the women/unisex perfumes. The price of this one is very high for what are essentially samples and I already know that I absolutely hate one of the fragrances (Lipstick Rose) however I love quite a few (Carnal Flower, En Passant, Dans Tes Bras) so a safer option may be to just order regular samples of the fragrances I'd like to try and finally get that bottle of Carnal Flower that I've been wanting for ages. (See, I'm being sensible by replacing an expensive item on a WL with a slightly less expensive option).

I have not read a bad review of the bareMinerals eye shadows and this set is a perfect opportunity to try their eyeshadows together with some other pieces. There are also some gorgeous looking palettes of eight eyeshadows by Bare Escentuals and overall they've just done a great job with their Holiday offerings.

Emma Hardie Amazing Face Natural Lift and Sculpt Moringa Cleansing Balm (34GBP)
This is another product that gets a lot of good reviews online: Beauty Mouth, LondonMakeUpGirl, Modesty Brown are only some of the few who love this product. As I'm using only the Bioderma Crealine micellar as my cleanser and makeup remover at the moment I am a little bit concerned that this may be too heavy but I think I'll give it a try anyway.

Le Metier de Beaute Nail Lacquer Hot'n'Saucy
I saw this polish featured on Messy Wand and just thought "Oh, pretty!". It looks like a typical holiday season shimmery red polish but I like that it's more on the brown side.

Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick in Icon
The new Hourglass Liquid Lipsticks received some mixed reviews online but I'll admit it that seeing the colour Icon on Christina Hendricks made me put this lippie straight to my wishlist. Want. Want. Want.

By Kilian L'Oeuvre Noire Collection 
After falling in love with a now almost empty sample of Ambre Oud from by Kilian I would love to try some other fragrances from their range and this collection of 10 7,5ml bottles of the L'Oeuvre Noire would be a great introduction to the range. The only problem is that By Kilian (currently) does not ship to Slovenia. Not. Cool.

Modalu Zahara bag in Toffee
Modalu became famous once Ms. Pippa Middleton started wearing their now renamed Pippa bag. I'm not really a fan of the Pippa design but Zahara looks like a perfect bag for me: a great balance between slouchy and structured (look at me, talking all fashion and stuff). I am slightly worried about the colour (I don't really have a lot of brown coloured accessories or clothes) and wish it came in a deep red or navy.

Aromatherapy Associates Ultimate Bath & Shower Oil Collection 
By now we can probably say for sure that I have a thing for sets of small bottles. This set includes the bath oils from their regular range and I could truly use a bath full of Relax right about now.

Omorovicza Essentials Travel Kit
For this one I can completely blame Replica of Visionary Beauty blog - her skin is very sensitive but she gets along with the products from this brand really well. Omorovicza is a very, very expensive brand and this set of mini sized skincare is not cheap but I think this will be my little splurge for December and hopefully the products will actually do some good for my skin.

Revlon Lip Butter in Lollipop and Berry Smoothie
And last but not least, the cheapest item on my list: Revlon Lip Butters. They got released in the US probably a year ago and have just made it to the virtual shelves of the Slovenian online shop Click2Chic and have sparked my interest once again. I think Lollipop and Berry Smoothie would be a good first choice but please let me know if you have any favourite shades from the line.

That's it! I never said this was going to be a short and cheap wishlist. Please let me know if you've tried any of the products on my List and share what's on your wishlist at the moment.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Postcards from Provence

Long time, no post! It's actually been more than 6 months since I last posted over here but it doesn't really feel like it's been that long at all.

I don't have any proper excuse why I haven't been blogging - I guess a little bit of laziness, some travelling and new family members in the form of kittens all contributed to my absence. So to get back into the swing of things I'll share with you some photos from a trip to Provence which I took way back in July. Remembering those warm and sunny days seems appropriate now that we just had our first snow this season.

Provence really lived up to my already high expectations - the beautiful picturesque villages on top of the hills, lavender fields, good food and beauty everywhere I looked.

Of course we went to visit Grasse, the capital of perfume - now we didn't see any fields of beautifully scented flowers there but decided to go directly to the International Perfume Museum which was wonderful as it showed all the different procedures of obtaining the perfume essence and throughout the Museum there were these little stops where you could smell certain perfume notes which made me want to order those little sets of raw perfume ingredients even more. There were also literally hundreds of perfume bottles and this little red riding hood was one of the cutest ones (of course I completely forgot which perfume was housed in this beauty).

There was only one con to the Museum in my eyes and that's the Museum Shop - I had all these ideas how it would be filled with English books on perfumes and some famous or very rare perfumes for purchase but unfortunately it was not and the perfumes in the Fragonard perfumery nearby weren't my cup of tea either so I came home without a single drop of new perfume.

We did however bring home a lot of lavender scented products. Generally I don't really love the scent of lavender in beauty products but the scent of real lavender in the fields of Valensole was just amazing and so soft unlike the sharp "lavender" scent that we're used to.

Besides the scented part of our trip there were of course many other memorable moments such as the very, very long drive through Gorges du Verdon, the largest Canyon in Europe...

... and yes, the colour of the water really was this vivid

... the peacefullness of Valensole...

... and the picture-perfect Roussillon, a little hilltop village known for its ochre quarries where they produced the warm coloured pigments which are still present here on every step.

On the last days of our trip we also stopped in Aix-En-Provence where we spent about three hours at their wonderful market trying out different kinds of food and just spending a lot of time looking at all different stands.

I do need to stop at the word "food" for a moment: we loved the baguettes, fresh fruit and yoghurts for breakfast in the morning, I tried the "peche plate" for the first time and loved them...

Peche plate, yum!

and we decided to do as the French do (or perhaps better yet as us tourists are told that the French do) and had desserts with every evening meal. This fondant right here in Villeneuve-les-Avignon was especially memorable, together with the hmm, intereseting English translation of the menu in said restaurant.

I wonder what the outputs would be ;)
And below is a fine example of "cafe gourmand" - coffee with an array of small desserts. This is pretty much close to perfection, right?

I had a great time in Provence and would love to go back soon, especially now that the days are starting to get colder and shorter although I'll admit that the colder months do have some other pros going for them. I've noticed that I've been getting a lot of Christmas related mails from online retailers already (are they getting earlier each year or is it just me?) which is just bizarre as Autumn just barely started. In the last 6 months I have also purchased and found some new wonderful products so reviews of those will slowly be sneaking up on the blog. I hope you're all ok and well and hopefully it won't take me another 6 months until my next post.


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