Wednesday, April 18, 2012

OCC Lip Tar in Strumpet

I can already imagine the weird search hits that I will get after this blog post title. But oh well, this OCC Lip Tar is worth it.

After hearing/reading so much about these lip tars I finally bought four of them last year - the Make-Up Designory store here in Ljubljana had a little sale on these (yay!) before they decided to stop carrying them (boo!).

The four colours that I got are:
- Strumpet (purple-red-pink goodness)
- Plum (a hideous grayed out plum/mauve - this looked quite promising in the tube but just looks awful on)
- NSFW (a bright, slightly warm-toned red)
- Pageant (it's a pastel-ly and bright pink at the same time, but looks darker and brighter on my lips)

Strumpet is the colour that I have so far worn the most, especially in the colder months - it's not quite purple, not quite red and has some pink in it as well and as you'll see in the photos below can look different depending on the lighting.

OCC Lip Tars are creamy liquid lip products that are very pigmented and definitely require a lip brush to apply - they do have a slanted tip (but I think the new reformulated packaging now comes with a very slim tip) that could be used for application but I doubt that it would work really well because you need a very small amount and need to apply it carefully as every little mistake shows. Even though the application requires more effort they make up for it in longevity - these are the most long-lasting lip products I have tried so far which is a good thing as having a tube and a lip brush and having to reapply these during the day doesn't sound so good.

As you can probably tell from the photo below there is some feathering but it's not nearly as noticable in real life and using a lip liner would probably help with this issue.

While the lip tars aren't moisturizing on the lips at all they aren't as drying as I thought they'd be (although using them everyday would probably show that they are not the kindest product to the lips). But for me the longevity, the lovely matte finish and the possibility of mixing different shades together make up for the not the most comfortable feeling on the lips.

I have Grandma on my wishlist next - the gorgeous coral: with that, Pageant and NSFW I'm all set for summer and I don't need to buy any other lipsticks now, who am I kidding, I'll shut up now. Have you tried any of the OCC lip tars? Let me know if you have any favourites!


  1. Omg, tale fotka je pa nadlepa :O

  2. I have Grandma and Anime and really love them! All of yours look lovely!

  3. Same lepe odtenke si nabrala. :) Jaz imam štiri, belega, zelenega (za mešanje v pudre in podobno) in za ustnice Stalker in Anime. Oba sta mi zelo všeč in ju rada nosim. <3 Sploh Anime, ker barva tako seka.

    Na začetku jih nisem marala nositi, ker sem imela zelo neprijeten občutek na ustnicah. Včasih sem imela čisto izsušene ali pa so me kar začele srbeti. No, potem sem jih začela nanašati v več tankih slojih (npe. 4-5) namesto enem ali dveh, pa se je izboljšala obstojnost, občutek na ustnicah in tudi sam videz. Ampak dober balzam za ustnice je itak neizbežen. :)

    In še ena pritrditev, da si zelo čedna na zgornji fotki. ;)

  4. Hi Klara, the photograph of you is simply stunning!!! I love the slight breeze running through you hair. Wow! The OCC lip tars seem to be pervading through blogs but I've never seen them in person. Everytime I hear about the color 'Grandma' I can't help but chuckle :)

  5. Hvala, Niki! x

    Hi Yessie! I bet all these four shades would look very subtle next to Anime :) Are you thinking of getting any more colours? x

    Živjo, Krvava Meri! Se spomnem, da sem na PLju brala o mešanju zelenga lip tarja v pudre, zanimivo, da deluje, a ti mogoče kaj iritirajo kožo? Anime si pa tudi želim, ampak po drugi strani sta si verjetno s Pageant precej podobna, tako da bo nekaj časa še ostal na WL. Pa hvala za kompliment! x

    Thank you Dovey! You should have seen the other photos when the wind wasn't quite so cooperative :) Grandma is a funny name, especially for such a bright colour and considering other names in the line, hehe. x

  6. Ker gre za tako male količine, ni nobene razlike na koži. :) Beli se prav tako dobro obnese za pretemne. Dobri so ti lip tarji. Sploh zdaj z novo embalažo.


  7. your photos are perfect and that is all! enjoyed this post so much xx
    liloo /@tsunimee xx

  8. Hvala za info, Krvava Meri, to mešanje s pudri se sliši zelo zanimivo :)

    Thank you very much for your lovely comment, liloo! x

  9. I know that lots of beauty bloggers have posted about these but this post and your fabulous photos have actually made me buy. Thankyou Klara x

  10. Hello Jan! Thank you so much for your lovely comment and it's great to see that you're back. Oh, and which colour of the Lip Tars did you get? I really hope you'll like them. x

  11. I think this post has sealed the deal on me adding strumpet to my collection. I'm sorry to hear that you're not much a fan of plum..I LOVE that color! lol

  12. I actually bought Lip Tar in Strumpet and I really like the quality of this lip tar..

  13. Gorgeous on you! I know it's off topic but do you know where I can get limited edition Boots No. 7 in the US?

  14. You look picture perfect with this red. Looks really hot on you!

  15. I like your blog very much, i think it’s awsome.

  16. love this color!
    I just found your blog and I really love it!
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