Monday, March 5, 2012

Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer in Browno Mars (860)

Catrice have just (and by "just" I mean a few weeks ago) released some new products and also added new colours to their existing product lines, including their nail polish range and with this they have also replaced their previous standard thin nail polish brush with a new, wider and flatter brush. 

The first two from the new Nail Lacquers that caught my attention were Browno Mars and Genius in a Bottle with Genius looking very similar to Chanel's Peridot in the bottle.

L: Direct sunlight, R: with flash

But firstly, I'd like to show you Browno Mars: a metallic bronzey brown with silver shimmer that in certain light leans very slightly purply but of course I couldn't catch that on camera. I'm very much tempted to call it a warm metallic taupe because the word taupe seems to describe quite a wide range of colours (taupe and peachy-pink are probably one of the most frequent descriptions for colours in makeup).

What I really like about this colour is that it mixes warm and cool tones and it looks different depending on the angle and on the light. The application was not a problem - two thin coats and I was done but I noticed that this colour started chipping sooner than some of my other Catrice polishes.

And now for the brush:

I really love the shape of the new brush - I didn't have any application problems with the old one either but the wider and flatter shape of the new brush just makes it even easier for me to apply the polish as nicely as possible. But I can imagine that especially those with smaller/narrower nails might not like this new shape at all.

The next Catrice polishes  I'd like to get are Grey's Kelly, Salmon & Garfunkel, Put Lavender on the Agenda and Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans. Luckily for me and my wallet these are less than 3€ each :)


  1. O, čist' prekul odtenek! Mislim, da bom tudi jaz kmalu podlegla novim Catrice odtenkom. >.<

  2. Tale je prav zanimiv... Mislim, da si ga bom kmalu privoščila :)

  3. @Krvava Meri: Je taka posebna barva, a ne? Ponavadi ne maram rjavkastih odtenkov, ampak za tega sem naredila izjemo. x

    @Biba: Lepa barva je in kljub stotinam različnih odtenkov lakov v trgovinah precej unikaten. x



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