Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mehs and Misses

I haven't done a favourites post in a while and it's not because there aren't any new and faithful old products that I've been enjoying using, it's just that there are too many and I still need to write full reviews of many products that I love so a full favourites post would be simply too long.
But! There have been a few products that I either didn't like at all or I just thought were so unimpressive so instead of writing ten little posts saying how product (A) is a "meh" or a "miss" I'll show you all these products in one post. So for a change, instead of making you want to buy stuff, I'm persuading you to save your money on these. You're welcome.

First up, the two skincare products which have been very disappointing for me, NUDE Skincare Replenishing Night Oil and Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish. I know these two have quite a fan base: NUDE Replenishing Night Oil was voted as the best anti-aging product by the Beauty Bible and the Cleanse and Polish is one of those products that everyone seems to love (almost everyone, I guess) so perhaps it's not them, it must be me. The problem that I had with these two products was that they both irritated my skin, especially on my cheeks and around my nose and caused lots of redness, the NUDE Night Oil even gave me a nice red rash just on the top of my cheekbones. These products are both scented and contain essential oils which might be one of the reasons why they didn't work for me. The Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish would also probably be better for people with normal/dry skin as it doesn't wash off completely, and I also didn't find it very good at removing my makeup, especially my mascara. I think I'll just stick to my Bioderma Crealine Makeup Remover and the pure oils for some added moisture - I'm currently using the pure Argan Oil as a weekly nourishing addition to my skincare and it works really well.

Next, the makeup stuff that I disliked: the biggest disappointment was the Paul & Joe Lip Lacquer in the colour 03 - the packaging is of course pretty, the colour looked very nice as well, it even looks very pigmented in the swatch but this thing is sticky like crazy, the pretty colour doesn't transfer to my lips and it looks just like a clear, goopy gloss. Did I mention that it's sticky? At least it has a pleasant scent, that's really the best thing I can say about it.

The Lipstick Queen Fifteen Minutes of Fame - Pop Art Glosses were a big meh for me: I got these a while ago from a Space.NK sale and these really are nothing special, again quite sticky, the pigmentation is sheer-medium which is why they tend to look a bit patchy when applied. They don't last very well on my lips either. And they look all bubbly and weird in the swatches below. I really love the Queen Jean lippie from the brand but I'm sure I won't buy the glosses again.

I love Catrice nail polishes so for a change I wanted to try one of their lipsticks but I wasn't as impressed: the colour I chose was Be Natural! from their Ultimate Colour range, a neutral peachy beige colour that is probably too light for me as it  just stays on top and doesn't "mix" with my natural lip colour. It also disappears very quickly and manages to accentuate every bit of dryness on my lips - it might be just due to the shimmer finish but I think that for now I'll stay away from Catrice lipsticks (I do have a review of one of their newest nail polishes coming up and that one is luckily a completely different story) .

Chanel Soft Touch Eyeshadow in Magic Night: There's nothing horribly wrong with this eyeshadow but there's nothing really great about it either. It looks so pretty in the pan, such a vibrant deep purple, but when swatched and applied to the lid it's really nothing special - it's not very pigmented, not the most blendable eyeshadow in the world and just overall not good enough, especially for the price. I'm probably mad though for wanting Taupe Grise now, am I?

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage in SC-2: I bought this concealer compact a little more than a year ago and it still hasn't won me over. I just came to conclusion that this one works best for any discolorations where the texture of the skin is actually healthy and ok - for example, it's awful on blemishes or dry red patches because it is so very dry and thick that even if it corrects the redness it accentuates the not-so-perfect texture. I have been using a sample of the Ellis Faas concealer now and it's just so much easier to apply and blend. I'll keep the Secret Camouflage though for when I just need some colour correcting.

Catrice Ultimate Colour in Be Natural!, Paul & Joe in No. 03, Lipstick Queen lipglosses in 14 and 15, Chanel eyeshadow in Magic Night

What were some of your most recent mehs and misses? And don't be shy, tell me if any of the products mentioned in this post are actually your favourites!


  1. Well, you've just struck Magic Night off my wish list, so thankyou for that! You've saved me quite a bit of money!

    The C&P has caprylic/capric triglyceride (coconut oil) as its second ingredient, which is known to highly cosmogenic. The sorbitan stearate is probably not doing much for you either. The Nude oil could be either the essential oils (as you say) or the vanilla planifolia which you might have had an allergic reaction too.

    Thanks for the post!

  2. Liz Earle's Cleanse & Polish gave me such a bad allergic reaction that it took weeks for my face to heal.
    Laura Mercier's Secret Camouflage is a product that leaves me very 'meh' too. My skin's oily so I thought it would be good for me (what with its dry texture etc), but you're absolutely right, it does look dry and thick on. I've only used it a couple of times and your post has just reminded me that I've got it somewhere...


  3. We're like beauty twins! haha.
    i absolutely love argan oil, though i use a super tiny drop every night. seems like my skin loves natural products.
    also really like the ellis faas concealer. has to be the best liquid concealer i've ever tried. definetly worth it for the (very) expensive price! but i've got to say that i do like the cle de peau concealer better (especially since it's not as expsensive here in asia).

    and great post! put me off chanel eyeshadow. looks so pretty in the pan...

  4. I've used Cleanse & Polish a few times in the past and while it feels therapeutic, it doesn't do anything for my skin. I have always considered getting the Laura Mercier concealer but whenever I see testers they look dry and that puts me off.

  5. That's so sad about the Nude oil and Chanel shadow. Night Magic's swatch makes it look very brown-taupe rather than purple like in the pan, so maybe that's the problem?

  6. @dempss01: Always happy to help! And now you can spend your money on some red lippies instead. I didn't know that vanilla planifolia could be problematic, thank you! x

    @Miss A: Oh, your experience with Cleanse&Polish sounds awful! Which cleanser do you use now? And I hope we'll need to use the Secret Camouflage as little as possible :) x

    @ann: Hello twin! I really like how smoothly the Ellis Faas concealer applies, will need to use it for a few days more to see if it breaks me out, hopefully not. Cle de Peau is not available in Europe unfortunately but I've heard and read many extremely positive reviews of their concealer. x

    @Meeta: I had a makeup artist use the Secret Camouflage on me and it looked ok so maybe I just don't have the skills, but still I think creamier or especially liquid concealers are much nicer and easier to use. x

    @Liz: Don't be sad, Liz :) Magic Night looks more brown when swatched and applied to the lid which I would have liked if it were more pigmented (I applied several layers in the swatch) and easier to blend. I wonder if like the Chanel quads their mono eyeshadows are also different texture-wise in US vs. Europe. x

  7. I've had quite a few meh things as well lately.
    I really didn't get on with Liz Earle skincare nor haircare, really irriated my skin. With the LM Secret Camouflage, although I liked the coverage I think it exacerbated my acne x

  8. I'm sorry you disliked the Lipstick Queen glosses! I haven't tried this range specifically, but the "Big Bang" glosses are INCREDIBLE! I own Creation and it's my all time favorite gloss (and that's saying something).

    ♥ Jessica

  9. Thanks for this post. I agree 100% on Magic Night. After hearing so many raves about this shade I finally caved on it about a year ago and it was completely and utterly meh. Nice in the pan but all your comments are bang on. I swapped it right away.

  10. @Replica: Cleanse & Polish and the toner were the only two products I've tried from Liz Earle and I'm not tempted to try anything else from the line. Btw, which concealer do you use now for your acne? x

    @Jessica: I saw your post on the Big Bang gloss by Lipstick Queen today and it is very pretty. I wonder how the texture of the Big Bang glosses compares to the Minutes glosses, on your swatch it looked quite thinner. x

    @Christa: I know, there were quite a lot good reviews of this particular colour out there, so I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one not impressed with it :) x

  11. Sometimes the packaging is great and the colors or the product is not at all suitable.I always look for very good quality for a long term use.

  12. Hi Klara,
    I just layer my Inika mineral foundation over my acne at the moment, whilst it doesn't give opaque coverage it subdues the acne and it doesn't make them any worse, which is a novelty in itself ;) x

  13. Thank you for the info, Replica. I've been using a sample of the Ellis Faas concealer now for a few days and I really like it, unfortunately I've had some bad experience with mineral foundation in the past so I'm just a bit scared of trying it again. x



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