Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Giorgio Armani Rouge d'Armani lipstick in Plum 602

Last year when I was visiting Prague, I made a few sneaky makeup purchases as well (and the non-makeup related Staropramen purchases of course). One of the items was the Rouge d'Armani lipstick in the colour Plum 602. The CZK/EUR exchange rate was not very kind to my wallet but as this has become my most worn lipstick this Autumn/Winter I do not regret it at all.

I've wanted to try the Rouge d'Armani lipsticks for a while especially after reading so many favourable reviews on Temptalia, The Non-Blonde and Perilously Pale. I was looking for a deeper pink colour and asked the SA at the makeup counter for help and when she applied Plum 602 I just loved the colour and didn't even bother trying out any of the other shades.

Plum 602 is a plummy pink lipstick which in certain lighting looks more like a soft red, with silver shimmer and has a slightly glossy finish which disappears quickly. The interesting thing is that when the lipstick was still fresh and unused there was no sight of any shimmer, the shimmer only showed up as I started using the lipstick but luckily it's not over the top and barely shows up on my lips.

The colour is very pigmented and on my lips it leans slightly warmer than what it looks like in the bullet. The texture of these lipsticks is quite unique - it's not waxy or overly creamy, it's more of a gel texture but it glides on the lips without a problem and is completely opaque in one coat. Also, this might just be the most long-lasting lipstick I've ever tried - it stays on my lips for about five, six hours and even after that it leaves a nice stain and luckily is not drying either and it feels comfortable on my lips - the initial finish of the lipstick is quite glossy but shortly after the application it sets to a semi-matte finish.


Products used in the above photo: NARS Sheer Glow foundation in Santa Fe, Ellis Faas concealer in S202, eyeshadows from the Edward Bess Berry Chic palette, Maybelline Falsies mascara and Shu Uemura P Pink 30 blusher and of course Rouge d'Armani in 602 Plum.

The packaging is very beautiful - a heavy black metallic case with a magnetic closure that's whole lot of fun to play with.

I really love the texture, opacity and long-lastingness (is that a word?) of this lipstick and so I'm already planning my second purchase from the Rouge d'Armani line (maybe a coral pink or a bright red) and hopefully I'll be near an Armani counter in May (there are no Armani counters in Slovenia, boo).

Let me know if you have tried any of the Rouge d'Armani shades and what colours would you recommend from the line.


  1. That looks absolutely lovely on you! I don't get to Leeds all that often but I know there is an Armani counter in Harvey Nicholls, if you want me to let you know next time I am heading that way I would be happy to pick up a lipstick for you, just let me know!

  2. Hi Debbie! Thank you very much, will let you know whether I manage to get the lipstick/-s, if not I might take you up on that offer :) x

  3. Kakšen lep odtenek! <3
    Pa zelo ti pristaja. :)

  4. Hvala, Krvava Meri :) Bom pa glede na trenutne temperature verjetno kar kmalu prešla na bolj žive odtenke. x

  5. That colour looks really beautiful on you. Is it similar to anything in the Edward Bess Berry palette? having thought about getting it for so long I might finally bite the bullet in March. How are you finding the Ellis Faas concealer? It is another of those products I've had at the back of my mind but never got around to purchasing. Desperately looking for something good and non cake to cover horrible hormonal spots!

    If I am ever near an Armani counter I will have a look for this lipstick. last time in Selfridges though I got too afraid of the three sales assistants that had surrounded me so I made a hasty retreat! Glad you had a great time in Prague x

  6. I love your blog! I followed! I would love it if you could check out my blog and follow me? Thanks so much!

  7. The closure is awesome, isn't it? I had one of these but sold it on (it was too dark for me) but I do intend to try one of the other shades at some point. I really like this colour on you and will definitely swatch it next time I'm in Selfridges.
    Jane x

  8. Thank you Jennifer! Plum 602 is not really similar to any lip shades from the EB Berry palette - this lipstick is much more cool toned, has stronger purple undertones in comparison to the lipglosses and cheek/lip colour in the EB palette. And it's also much more pigmented. I really like the EF concealer, I especially like that it doesn't accentuate the dry patches and it doesn't crease as much as most concealers so I think you'd like it. And I hope you have better luck next time you're at an Armani counter - I love this colour and the texture and weartime are also amazing. x

    Thank you very much, Greeklicious! x

    Hi Jane! Yes, I love the manetic closure - I'd also like to try the Burberry lipsticks just to see how well the magnet works there, ahem. Did you like the texture of that Armani lipstick that you had? Definitely check out the lighter colours, Plum 602 might actually look a bit more cool toned on you than it does on me because most lip products turn out warmer on my lips. x



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