Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Orly nail polish in Fowl Play

Fowl Play nail polish was part of Orly's Fall/Winter collection called Birds of a Feather and it's a beautiful deep purple base with lots of blue and pink/copper shimmer and with green-orange flakies (these are called flakies, right? I'm afraid my nail polish terminology might not be the best).

The green of the flakies is unfortunately only visible in the bottle, on the nail I can only see the orange colour of the flakies, but it's still a very beautiful colour:

The application was ok: because the base colour is quite translucent, the best way to apply it in my opinion is to do one thin layer and then one thick layer. The one problem I had with this polish was that it took a very long time to dry completely which resulted in having the polish completely smooshed and chipped on two nails after about one hour since I painted them. I hope this is not a general issue with Orly polishes as I already have another mini in the shade Rage waiting for me.

I bought this Orly nail polish from the Slovenian online store ZaPikoNaI (great customer service, by the way) and this mini bottle (5.3 mls) cost me 5€. I know that with getting the mini sizes you're actually paying much more when you look at the price/quantity ratio but I rarely, not very often, ok, never finish a full bottle so it doesn't bother me too much.


  1. Beautiful colour! Looks great on your skin tone too. I've never had a problem with Orly polishes - perhaps it is just this shade?

  2. Tega čakam trenutno v swapu. Komaj čakam, da ga dobim. Prekrasen je. <3

  3. @dempss01: Thank you! I really hope it's only this shade, and that I'll have better luck with Rage. x

    @Biba: Hvala, tvoj zadnji post pa je kriv, da si zdaj zelo želim še stekleničko Rock the World odtenka :) x

    @Taya: Mislim, da ti bo zelo všeč, ker je res posebna barva. x

  4. I almost got this and didn't -- and now I wish I did. lol Pretty!

  5. Hi Liz! I'm not going to tell you that you need to hunt it down, but you know, it is very pretty :D



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