Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Honoré des Pres Vamp à NY

Nope, there's no coffee in this little cup, but something much better - perfume! (however, I might change my opinion on what's better if you ask me on a Monday morning).

For a change this perfume was not for me but for my mum - it was on her Christmas wish list and well, Santa sure listened! This is now the second  perfume that she currently has, the first being L'Artisan's La Chasse aux Papillons (interestingly enough, both are based around the note of Tuberose). I actually won little samples of Vamp à NY last year in giveaways hosted by two wonderful bloggers Denyse of Grain de musc and Birgit of Olfactoria's Travels and while I quite liked the scent my mom loved it. And as a bonus, it didn't irritate her skin like most perfumes do - apparently, Honoré des Pres perfumes don't contain any elements that aggress the skin, so perhaps that's why (they're also 100% natural and have the EcoCert Certificate).

Head Notes: Tuberose and Rum
Heart Notes: Bourbon Vanilla
Base Notes: Benjoin, Perou Balm and Tolu Balm

So, what does this Vamp smell like? To my nose, it smells very boozy (hello, Rum!) and the sweet Tuberose is definitely in the center of this perfume. It actually reminds me of another tuberose-based scent, Péché Cardinal by Parfums MDCI and Péché Cardinal is actually the only perfume that my sister has and she absolutely adores it (at this point I have to stress that I gave her the little sample bottle of Péché Cardinal, am I a good sister or what?). And if you remember my post on my favourite Spring perfumes, I mentioned Frederic Malle Carnal Flower which for me is one of the most beautiful potent floral perfumes, and surprise, surprise, Carnal Flower is all about tuberose as well. Now I don't know anything about the more scientific side of perfumes and scent in general but I find it really interesting that all three of us love tuberose so much.


  1. I've been interested in Honore Des Pres for a while as the scents seem quite interesting and the design is so vey clever, I'd have to order online though and I don't tend to do to well ordering perfumes without smelling them first, so reviews like yours are very helpful x

  2. Hi Replica! I really like the packaging of these perfumes (although there is a lot of paper to go through). The only other scent from their line that I've tried was the Coconut one and it's very, very nice - basically, it smells of coconut (duh!) but luckily it isn't too sweet and creamy as most tropical scents tend to be and my boyfriend loves it. I know what you mean about ordering perfumes - getting samples first is definitely the way to go! I'm really glad you found the review helpful. x

  3. This is my go-to winter perfume. I'm eager to try the coconut one for summer!



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