Thursday, January 26, 2012

Edward Bess palette in Berry Chic

As you may remember, I wrote a short post back in November about Mr. Edward Bess releasing two new cheek/eye/lip palettes, the more neutral one called Back to Basics and the berry coloured one called Berry Chic. I was immediately drawn to the Berry Chic palette - I always liked plums and purples but this season I've been loving these deeper tones even more. But apparently I was not the only one trying to get my hands on one of these palettes because they sold out so quickly at Zuneta that I had to wait for them to re-stock.

So here it is!

The palette comes in a sleek shiny black packaging and inside there are your cheek, lip and eye colours, the dual-ended brush and a nice big mirror.

Photo taken in daylight

From left we have the Cheek and Lip Colour (2 grams) in a beautiful creamy warm plum colour. I really like the consistency of this product - it's very smooth and light, not as thick and waxy as the Bobbi Brown Pot Rouges so it's much easier to work with. Also, I find that this is one of the rare cheek/lip products actually works well on both lips and cheeks - for comparison Stila's Convertible Colors (which I really like, by the way) are much creamier and they just look chalky and kind of pastely on the lips whereas the Edward Bess Cheek and Lip Colour adds just a little bit of colour to the lips.
Next to the Cheek and Lip Colour is the warm toned pink Highlighter (2 grams). The texture of this highlighter was very weird: somewhere between a cream and a powder although not a cream-to-powder finish. The colour is very nice, it's not as metallic or "white" as NARS' Copacabana liquid highligter or Benefit' High Beam but I would have preferred if the shimmer was a little bit less noticable because if I'm not careful I can apply too much and look like a fairy (no offense to all the fairies out there).

Next up we have the Eyeshadows (3,5 grams): a light cream colour with micro shimmers, a medium shimmery pink with a lilac undertone, a deep slightly shimmery plummy brown and a sparkly dark purple with a blue sheen. The texture of these completely surprised me: they are one of the creamiest eyeshadows I've ever tried and they apply really beautifully, there's no chalkiness here at all. Probably my least favourite is the pink one because it doesn't show up as well on me but the other three are simply wonderful and the lightest colour is a perfect subtle eye highlight colour for me.

And lastly, there are two Lipglosses (2,5g): a sheer shimmery medium pink and a red-ish my-lips-but-better shade. This one is actually funny because the colour looks purple in the pan but once you scratch the surface of this colour there's a completely different colour underneath. The texture of these glosses is ok: they feel very thick and sticky at first but after a few minutes they sort of melt into my lips and become much more comfortable. I wish though that instead of the lipglosses there were more pigmented lipsticks in this palette but that's just me as I'm not a huge fan of glosses in general.

Photo taken with flash (the colours are warmer in real life)

Lastly, the dual-ended brush: on one side there's a nice synthetic lip brush and on the other side there's a fluffy blending brush which I find too scratchy and would probably use only if I really didn't have any other brushes with me.

And now for the swatches - the photos were taken with flash so that you can see the shimmer in the colours better:

Cheek/Lip Colour, Highlighter, Lipglosses


I think the colours in this palette work really well together, they are neither too cool nor too warm and you can either use the more neutral tones (cream and brown eyeshadow) on the eyes or add some more colour with the purple. One word of caution: the lip and cheek products have a very strong scent, to me they smell of berries which is quite fitting for this palette and I really like it (but I also like the smell of the Estee Lauder lipsticks which might be one of the most disliked scents in makeup).

Have you tried the new Edward Bess palettes? This palette is the first Edward Bess product I've tried and I would love to try some more eyeshadows, a Cheek and Lip Colour and perhaps a Lipstick from his line now that I know that the scent doesn't bother me. Please let me know if you have any Edward Bess favourites (and I'm not talking about his hair)!


  1. Have never heard of EB I don't think we get him in Australia.

    Have you heard about the Valentine's Blog Swap? Would love you to sign up!

  2. I was drawn to this palette and the colours look lovely in your swatches, I especially like the dark looking shades.

    I don't have many palettes that have a mix of items and am debating whether to get this one.

    Thanks for the review.

  3. Hello, beastandbeauty! We don't have a counter with the Edward Bess products here in Slovenia either, you can check out some online stores and see whether they ship to Australia, I bought my palette from Zuneta. x

    Hi Meeta! That brown eyeshadow is lovely, has a very subtle shimmer and works beautifully in the crease. I don't have many mixed palettes either, I just hope I won't get the powder from the shadows all over the cream products. But it's a very versatile palette and I'm thinking of taking it with me when I go on holiday in May. x

  4. I have been so tempted by these for so long! I actually ordered 3 of them when Zuneta first got them (1 for me and 2 for Christmas presents) but the order ended up cancelled since they were out of stock. I haven't ordered them since. It's soooo pretty though!

  5. I am very tempted, I'm not sure I could wear the pink shadow though, I could do with some of the shades from this one and a few from the back to basics one combined ;)

  6. So lovely! I've been dying to try an Edward Bess product but I haven't been able to make up my mind about what I want. Now that his line is available at Sephora here in the US it's all the more tempting :)

    ♥ Jessica

  7. Hello Christa! These palettes would really make a gorgeous present, too bad that they sold out so quickly. But you can still get one for yourself ;) x

    Hi Replica, the pink doesn't really show up as well on me but I know, it may be a tricky colour. I also thought about getting the Back to Basics palette later in the year, the colours would look lovely in the summer. x

    Hi Jessica, I think that one of these palette would be a great introduction and I can imagine just how tempting your huge Sephoras are :) x

  8. That's it. I want this, and IT'S YOUR FAULT!

  9. @Liz: Mission accomplished :D

  10. So pretty! I really like the look of this palette! It would be very convenient for travel :)



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