Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dior Addict lipstick in Singuliere (465)


Happy 2012! Hope you're all having a good start to the year. My New Year's Eve didn't go quite as planned - I got sick in the last days of 2011 so I spent the begining of the year coughing in bed. Not all was bad though, I had cookies and tea (ok, and an inhaler) by my side all the time (and yes, my boyfriend took excellent care of me, brownie points for him).

I've been enjoying reading so many great posts from other bloggers about their favourites of 2011 - I won't do a favourites post because there have been just so many products and random things that I've enjoyed in this past year, it would all just turn into the longest blog post ever. So instead, you can expect to see separate reviews of some of my favourites in the upcoming weeks/months.

First, let's start with the one lipstick that I actually finished last year. Yup, if you remember I bought this lipstick in a sale back in June and I've now been scraping the last bits that are left in the tube.


The lipstick is from the Dior's new-ish Addict line in the shade Singuliere (465), described as a sheer bubblegum pink and that's exactly what it is. The Addict lipsticks were launched last year and are Dior's version of the popular sheer, balm-like lipsticks. There are really a lot of colours in the range (honestly, probably too many, feels quite overwhelming) and you can check out the swatches of the whole line at KarlaSugar. I'm warning you, looking at her post is dangerous because you'll probably want at least five colours.

Singuliere is one of the sheerest colours from the line and on my lips it doesn't really show up, it just makes my natural lip colour a bit pinker and shinier (probably part of the reason why I've been using it non-stop during the summer). Therefore, no lip swatches this time, just a small hand swatch.

The texture of the Addict lipsticks is lovely and I much prefer it to the Chanel Rouge Coco Shines (which I gave away to my mum) - it's a bit more gel-like and it actually moisturizes my lips unlike the Rouge Coco Shines which felt uncomfortable on my lips. Next time I might get one of the slightly more pigmented shades, although they might have to wait until spring or summer because right now I love using my classic, more pigmented lipsticks. A post on one of my favourites in this category will be up soon (and I promise it's a good one because my boyfriend almost always comments when I wear it).

(Just thought I'd add some more brackets because obviously there weren't enough brackets in this post). () () ()


  1. I ADORE Dior (haha) Addict lipsticks! I have one in Diorkiss, the one Kate Moss is wearing in the ad, and I've been wearing it nonstop. They are truly amazing, you've reminded me that I really need to get a couple more shades! x

  2. Hi Summer! Diorkiss is actually one of the shades that I'd like to get, it looks gorgeous, this could turn into a proper addiction :) x Klara

  3. You've reminded that I never did get around to picking one from the vast collection. I must give it a try though as I like the sound of the texture very much. Happy New Klara, I hope you're feeling better now? x

  4. Hi Jane! I know, the choice is overwhelming - I was lucky to get this one in the sales and there weren't many colours left to choose from so it made my decision much easier :) I'm much better now, thank you, at least I managed to get plenty of much needed sleep in those days (glass half-full and all that jazz). x



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