Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Malin + Goetz Lip Moisturizer

I hope everyone had a lovely time during the holidays, luckily I still have a few more days off (of course, the weather's been a bit rubish these days and it'll probably get sunny and warm again once I get back to work, sigh).

Now back to today's topic: I've been wearing a lot of lipsticks lately (not all at the same time of course) which I find funny because years ago I was all for lipglosses but now I definitely prefer lipstick over its shinier sister. Consequently, I also became a lot pickier about lip balms because I think that with lipsticks the dry and chapped lips are even more obvious. At the time of writing this post I almost finished my tube of the Malin + Goetz lip moisturizer so I can now give a proper review.

I bought the Malin + Goetz lip moisturiser back in January from Zuneta and I haven't used any other lip balm except the Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm a couple of nights (a review will follow after I use this one long enoguh) so I guess I could say that this balm lasted me four months of everyday use.

The lip balm comes in a white tube and contatins 10g of products. The balm is actually a transparent gel and has no scent to it. It feels very moisturizing and fortunately doesn't leave an oily film on the lips - I find that some lip balms are too greasy for me and actually make me breakout around my lips. It works well under lipsticks and even when I use it at night I wake up with very smooth lips and what I love about it the most is the fact that I don't need to reapply it as often during the day as I did with some of the other lip balms by the brands Blistex, Eucerin and Korres.

Ingredients from Malin+Goetz website (kudos to M+G for putting the ingredients of all of their products online).

Hydrogenated Polyisobutene, Butylene/Ethylene/Styrene Copolymer, Ethylene/Propylene/Styrene Copolymer, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Tricaprylin, Phenoxyethanol, Bisabolol. 

Now there is one teeny tiny issue that I have with this product - the applicator:

Actually, It's not an applicator because it is way too scratchy so I just squeeze the products out and apply it with my finger. A smooth slanted tip would have worked much better.

Other than the packaging I have no complaints and I'm actually planning on buying another tube and maybe, just maybe I'll go all crazy and get the Mojito scented one, yum!

The Malin + Goetz lip moisturizer is available at Zuneta and SpaceNK for 10 GBP.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Rouge Bunny Rouge lipstick in Whim Of Mine

I always thought that using up a lipstick and then repurchasing the same shade is more of a myth than anything else but I think that the Rouge Bunny Rouge Colour Burst lipstick in Whim of Mine might be the lipstick to break this myth.
The packaging is gorgeous, a cool black metal tube with white ornaments, which is no surprise when it comes to Rouge Bunny Rouge products.

But even better than the packaging is the lipstick itself - the consistency is just incredibly smooth and creamy, the colour lasts really well on the lips and it doesn't dry out the lips, if anything it moisturises them and feels very comfortable on. Oh, and the scent is truly delicious: a mixture of plums, cinnamon and vanilla. Definitely one of my favourite lipstick formulas!

Whim Of Mine is described on the RBR official website as creamy, satin-finish, elegant raspberry ripple pink. To my simple eye, the colour is actually more of a warm rose than a true raspberry pink although I have noticed that it tends to look a bit cooler as it wears off.

For me it's a perfect everyday colour, it just looks so elegant and polished which might be the reason why I wore it to my diploma ceremony last year (and I might even use it on a friend of mine who's getting married in July).

Rouge Bunny Rouge Colour Burst lipsticks are available at Zuneta (22 GBP/3.8 grams) and Word of Mouth (another WOM, ha!) is highly on my wishlist, I'm just waiting for another Zuneta discount code/promotion/lack of any restraint.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Haus of Gloi Aether Pumpkin Butter

I've read so many wonderful and delicious reviews on the Haus Of Gloi range so finally when the Valentine collection came out almost two months ago I took the plunge. Luckily, at the same time Haus of Gloi came out with the new fragrance-free line called Aether. There are three products in this line: Bubble Scrub, Pumpkin Butter and Sugar Exfoliant. 

The Pumpkin Butter has a lovely creamy consistency somewhere between a body milk and a thick body butter - it actually reminds me of mayonnaise. It sinks into the skin really quickly and leaves it soft and moisturised. There is no artificial fragrance in this product and it has a very subtle scent, almost a bit foody (it might be the pumpkin oil).

Now I do like this product but to me it's simply not as good as my La Roche Posay Lipikar Baume AP (see, I'm calling it my, that must mean that I really love that stuff!). The LRP actually helped me with my dermatitis and it keeps my very dry skin moisturised and smooth all day. The HoG Aether Pumpkin Butter is not as thick as the LRP but it also doesn't keep my skin moisturised nearly as well / as long as the Lipikar Baume. I think the HoG Aether Pumpkin Butter would be best suited for people with normal to dry skin that are sensitive to highly fragranced products.

The Haus of Gloi Aether Pumpkin Butter is available here (by the way, the customer service was great)and costs 4.50$ for a 2 oz. sample jar / 9.00$ for a full-size 6 oz. jar.

Monday, April 11, 2011

OPI Paint My Moji-Toes Red

Now this time it wasn't my moji-toes that got this gorgeous colour painted on and honestly, I wouldn't want to be so brutal and post photos of my feet online.

Paint My Moji-Toes Red looks much pinker in the bottle but when applied it's more of a bright creamy red with an orange undertone/deep coral. The colour was almost opaque in one coat but the nail line was still visible so I added the second coat as well. I used a top-coat by OPI but I feel I could've done without  it because the finish of this nail polish is already very shiny by itself. 

I really like OPI nail polishes but they cost 13€ here in Slovenia which in my opinion is too much, especially as the price in the US is much lower, so I usually just order OPIs via ebay and can get 2-3 polishes for the price of one polish here.

If you're looking for a bright but not neon red-ish nail polish I can't recommend this Moji-Toes shade highly enough - the colour is great and the application fool-/mookie-proof.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring is in the air - My favourite Perfumes

Ah, spring! My favourite season of the year but it always goes by so quickly. That's why I thought I would do a little post on some of my favourite spring perfumes before spring is actually over.

Parfums MDCI Le Rivage des Syrtes
Probably the sweetest out of my spring selection, although luckily not too sweet for these warmer months, this perfume was created by Patricia de Nicolaï (a perfumer and founder of Parfums de Nicolaï). A surprisingly fresh mixture of orange and pineapple (don't worry, as I said it's definitely not sickeningly sweet) gives a lovely contrast to the slight ambery base. A 60 ml bottle costs 215€  (ouch!) however, their sample sets are actually a very good deal, five 12 ml sample bottles of your choice for 90€ - it was actually cheaper a few years ago when I ordered my sample set.

Frederic Malle Carnal Flower
This elegant tuberose was created by Dominique Ropion and even though I have never smelled the raw tuberose, I feel that after trying several fragrances based around this tiny and potent flower I have a rough idea about what the real thing smells like. Whereas the infamous Fracas is a very thick and intoxicating perfume, Carnal Flower is a cool green tuberose with added notes of jasmine and coconut. A wonderful floral and probably one of my all time favourites, and not just for spring!

Frederic Malle En Passant
Another creation from the Malle line, this time the perfumer was Olivia Giacobetti (she was also the nose behind one of my favourite  fall/winter fragrances, Safran Troublant by L'Artisan Parfumeur). Apparently, as Chandler Burr explains in his essay, the idea for this fragrance was born when Olivia was walking in Italy and passed a bakery and a florist and so she wanted to capture this smell in a fragrance (you can read more about this story here). I don't know whether this is true but this lilac based perfume is just so lovely. It smells strangely "wet" but not watery and at times there's a hint of rubber in there too - who knows maybe there was a car shop somewhere on Olivia's street as well.

Ormonde Jayne Champaca
I love all three Ormonde Jaynes that I have (the other two being Ormonde Woman and Ta'if) and Champaca is even extra special to me as I received it from my family as a gift for my diploma. This is a lovely green creamy floral fragrance, with neroli and green tea as most prominent notes to my nose. The green tea note is reminiscent of the Bvlgari green tea perfume however the Champaca is more floraly (after all, it is named after a flower) and warmer (basmati rice, anyone?). Again, a perfectly balanced mixture of freshness and warmth makes it one of my most reached for perfumes for spring.

What are your favourite spring fragrance? Are there any new ones on your wish list?
Luckily for me, there is a package of some fresh decants of En Passant, Carnal Flower, Annick Goutal Ninfeo Mio and Serge Lutens Boxeuses on its way to me but I'm always open to new suggestions.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

I've got a brown lipstick and I'm not afraid to use it!

I never ever thought I'd wear a brown lipstick, I usually even avoid the slightest brown undertones in lip products. However, back in September I was one of the lucky tweeps that won the little lipstick giveaway by Revlon. I didn't know what colour I'll get, I guess I should have expected the unexpected because the Revlon Superlustrous Lipstick in Mink (671) is brown.

Fortunately, the finish is lovely, very creamy and non-shimmery. It's funny, even though the colour is such a neutral I feel that it requires a full face of makeup, otherwise it just looks odd on my light/medium skintone. I do think that this colour would probably look gorgeous on someone with a darker skintone. 

I'm glad that I got to try this lipstick and I do wear it sometimes although I doubt that it would ever make an appearance on my list of favourite products. I'm sticking with my pinks/peaches/reds!


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