Sunday, December 11, 2011

Rouge Bunny Rouge EOTD: Delicate Hummingbird, Blackpepper Jay and Delilah

Rouge Bunny Rouge have some real gems in their line: I already talked about their fantastic creamy lipsticks and lovely blushes and I love their eyeshadows as well. The colours are just beautiful, very pigmented and smooth and they last pretty well on my eyelids (although I still use a primer, as with all my eyeshadows). There are always some colours on my Zuneta wishlist and things aren't going to get easier with the new palettes coming out in 2012 (check out BritishBeautyBlogger's post on the palettes here).

In this EOTD I used the eyeshadow (full name: When birds are singing... Long-lasting eye shadows, phew!) in Delicate Hummingbird on the lid and Blackpepper Jay in the crease and outer v and I smudged some Eye Khol in the colour Delilah on the upper and lower lashline. The mascara I used this time was the Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill and I like it much more than I did when I first started using it although it still smudges a bit too much on me. 

Delicate Hummingbird is a gorgeous shimmery dusky silvery purple with lots of pink and blue sparkle. This is one of the most stunning eye shadows I have and if you're thinking of trying some products from Rouge Bunny Rouge you need to get Delicate Hummingbird.

Blackpepper Jay is a matte dark brown-grey-black eyeshadow with a very slight plum undertone to it. You can see how it looks like a completely different colour in different lighting and because it is basically a mixture of mainly brown and grey it works amazingly well with many eyeshadows, cool-toned and warm-toned. Luckily, the texture is soft and it blends easily which isn't always the case with matte shadows (coughMACDarkDevotioncough).

I also used the Delilah eye liner which is one of RBR's Eye Khols, in a deep plum shade with copper shimmer. I find that I use this pencil more on the bottom lashline or simply as an eyeshadow base because the colour is not as dark as most purple liners that I have.

Look at this sparkly goodness!


I just love these smoky purple eyeshadows, I think they really make my hazel-ish eyes poppidy-pop. One of my other favourites in this colour family is also Rimmel's Colour Mousse in Sassy (a blog post will follow).  

Lastly, an out-of-focus photo of the pretty packaging of the RBR eyeshadows - it helps that the actual product inside these compacts is just as lovely!


  1. Thats a gorgeous look! I can't wait till they release the new palettes/shadows next year, of course we will end up wanting them all :)

  2. A lovely look! That eyeshadow combo is gorgeous. I have ordered the Blackpepper Jay as I don't have any of RBR's matte shades so looking forward to using this.

  3. Thank you Marina, I just love my purples. x

    Thanks, Replica! I know, the new colours will be dangerous - there are two, a silver and a purple (of course!) that look especially interesting and I might finally get Solstice Halcyon! x

    Thank you, Meeta! I think you'll like Blackpepper Jay, it's a very versatile colour and I like my boring mattes (and still have the Hourglass mate palette on my WL:). x

  4. Beautiful, your makeup looks amazing. <3 I really want to try Rouge Bunny, their products seem lovely!



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