Thursday, December 8, 2011

Louise Young Eyeshadow Brushes: LY38A, LY13 and LY17

I first heard about the Louise Young brushes on the Pixiwoo youtube channel  and after reading many reviews of these brushes on The Non Blonde blog I finally decided to try them. I ordered these brushes from the official Louise Young website (they ship internationally for 6,99 GBP) and luckily I really like all of them and use them very often.

L-R: Louise Young brushes LY17, LY38A, LY13

This first brush is the Louise Young LY38A (16 GBP). This brush is everything I thought the MAC 224 would be and was not. In this photo below you can see how the MAC brush is much wider and fluffier whereas the LY38A is much thinner and more tapered, pointed at the tip. Also, the hair of the LY38A is much softer and it's just perfect for applying the eyeshadows in the crease and blending them at the same time. If I were to name my top 5 brushes this one would definitely be one of them.

The Louise Young LY13 brush (11 GBP), described as a small socket brush, is a small pencil brush, as you can see quite smaller than the MAC 219 and also shorter. It's great for applying eyeshadow under the lower lashline and smoking out the eyeshadow. I find that I use the MAC 219 more for applying eyeshadow in the crease and the LY13 for applying eyeshadows close to the lashline because the LY13 is small and has soft but at the same time dense hair which makes it perfect for precise work.

Lastly, I got the Louise Young LY17 brush (10 GBP) which is a small smudger brush.  I think that the LY17 and LY13 are actually interchangeable but I do prefer the LY17 for smudging the lines on my top lashline and the LY13 for my bottom lashline (Why? I don't reallyknow.). Even though the LY17 is quite dense and strudy I wish that the LY17's brush head was even shorter for more control, something like what the NARS No. 15 Smudge Brush looks like.

On the Louise Young website it's stated that the LY17 is made of natural hair, but there's no info of the hair of the other two brushes although I think they are made of natural hair as well. Out of all these three brushes the LY38A is my favourite - it just makes applying the crease colour and blending it so much easier than any brush I've ever tried before. There are actually three versions of this shape in the Louise Young range - the biggest LY38, LY38A and the smallest LY38B so you can choose the best shape for your eyelid size. 

I'd love to try their "Super" range and the eyeshadow palette of 5 matte colours looks very versatile as well. I've also been reading lots of reviews from other bloggers on the Hakuhodo and Rouge Bunny Rouge brushes so you may see some more posts about brushes on my blog very soon.

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