Sunday, November 13, 2011

Chanel Le Vernis in Rouge Fatal (487)

Chanel nail polishes are probably one of the most highly anticipated items in every new collection from the brand (Who's got their eye on "June", the pastel orange nail polish new for spring? By the way, I always thought spring months are March, April and May. Not for Chanel, I guess). I've never tried Chanel polishes before - I just thought I wouldn't wear the colours enough to justify the expense and I really like my OPI, Essence, Catrice... polishes so I didn't really feel the need to get any of the more expensive ones. Also, judging by many online reviews a lot of nail colours by Chanel are not always the best quality - they are definitely not cheap but apparently they often chip. (I had to put this in here, sorry!)

But! For my birthday this year one of the gifts was also a gift certificate for Müller and suddenly getting a nail polish for 20ish just seemed like the best idea in the world.

Rouge Fatal is a deep muted red with a little bit of brown in it (although under certain lights it can look more like a berry red). The application was easy, opaque in two coats. One thing I've noticed was that using a topcoat didn't really extend the wear-time of this polish: it lasted 3-4 days whether I applied a topcoat or not.

Rouge Fatal for me is the perfect shade of red for autumn and one that I'll no doubt wear very often (and use the cost per wear formula while wearing it).

What are your favourite red nail polishes for this time of year or are you already in the festive mood with all the shimmers and glitters?


  1. Obožujem rdeče lake in tale res izgleda kot klasičen odtenek, ki ga je preprosto treba imeti v zbirki.

  2. Res je lepa barva in na srečo nimam nič podobnega v svoji drobni zbirki lakov :)

  3. Such a HOT shade of red... sultry yet ladylike!!! I'm in love!!!




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