Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tom Ford Eye Color Quad: Burnished Amber (06)

As soon as I saw the photos of the new Tom Ford beauty range on British Beauty Blogger and London MakeUp Girl my eye went directly to Burnished Amber, a stunning eyeshadow quad of shimmery colours that just look so pretty for fall. As the complete Tom Ford beauty line is currently available only in the UK  if I'm not mistaken (Harrods and Selfridges), I got my hands on the Burnished Amber with lots of help from the lovely Jennifer - Lipstick Luvvies. Thank you again Jennifer!

The colours are (from top left, clockwise):
- a shimmery golden beige
- a deep pink with warm shimmer
- a medium golden brown with golden shimmer (this one is the sparkliest out of all four)
- a dark shimmery warm plum

The texture of all four shadows is just beautiful - they are all very  pigmented (the golden beige is the least pigmented but still not sheer), have a lovely smooth texture and are not chalky at all. They are not as creamy as for example the Le Metier de Beaute shadows, I'd say they are somewhat close to the Rouge Bunny Rouge shadows, perhaps a bit more compact, if that makes any sense. I have been using the Burnished Amber quad for a few days now and there was absolutely no fallout  at all and what I like the most about these colours is that they just blend so perfectly and still keep their colour so it never looks like just another dark indistinguishable, greyish/brownish look. I loved using a combination of the pink and brown on the lid and then smoked it out with the deep plum shade - a perfect smoky eye for Fall.

With flash

The packaging is of course beautiful: sleek shiny dark brown case with gold detailing, magnetic closure, a large and very useful mirror and a set of 2 double-ended applicators which I have not tried using yet although the white brush on one side feels surprisingly soft.

I'm sure most people who'll get any of the Tom Ford quads will be doing the "makeup math"  (thank you Mr. Ford for keeping our brains occupied) - in each quad you get 10 grams of product which means 2,5 grams per each colour in a quad. And that means that you actually get much more product than with the main measuring unit in makeup, that is a MAC shadow (1,5 grams). I decided to go for Burnished Amber even though I haven't seen it in person but I've read some other positive reviews on this particular colourway so decided to take the plunge. You can read about Burnished Amber on these two blogs: The Gloss Goss and Makeup for Professional Asian Women. If you plan on getting any of the quads it might be better if you get a chance to check out the colours in person (I know Get Lippie was not completely in love with her Silvered Topaz quad). I have to say that I'm very pleased with my choice and I now have the Cognac Sable and one of the purpley quads on my wishlist. Although I really shouldn't.

Lastly, I just wanted to add the ingredients list for this eyeshadow quad - I think it's really interesting that shea butter is so high on the list (and there's vitamin C as well):

I'll make sure to post some photos of how these colours look applied as soon as possible (which will probably not be as soon because I'm just in a middle of packing for my short trip to Prague).


  1. Thanks a lot for the review, I have me eyes on this quad as well!

  2. The colours are beautiful; this quad was the one that looked most unique to me, I love those deep pinky/plum shades.

  3. The swatches look so gorgeous! I cannot wait for Tom Ford to come here!

  4. Happy Birthday! The quas looks very beautiful. I was going to say that the colours look like something I wouldn't be able to carry off. At the same time it reminds me a lot of the LMdB Silk Road Kaleidoscope. I fully intend to add one of the Tom Ford quads to my wishlist for Christmas. I look forward to seeing your looks with this.
    Jane x

  5. That does look really pretty,although it would be too warm on me. I am still undecided on whether to buy one of the eye quads as the reviews do seem to be mixed, I do intend on getting one of the blushers though :)

  6. SO beautiful!!! I loved the look of this quad too from pics. I hope to try these one day....

  7. Oh, this looks so lovely...*sigh*

  8. Kakšna lepa jesen bo tole. :) Zelo lep odtenki.
    Mislim, da si me navdihnila za en bordo mejkap.

    Upam, da se imaš lepo v Pragi. :)

  9. Marina, you're welcome, I don't think you'd be disapoointed in this quad.

    Hi Meeta! What did you think of the other products from the TF line? I know you got that goregous blush, is there anything else on your wishlist?

    Hello doc! You've ordered some stunning items as well, can't wait to read your reviews.

    Thank you very much Jane! The next post is going to be about Prague, I had such a great time. Will probably do a post with an EOTD with Burnished Amber this weekend, it's actually very wearable!

    Hi Replica! The blushes look very nice too, I'll look forward to reading your review ;)

    Hi Christa! It was definitely a standout product for me, based on online photos, as well.

    Yes Joey, it's lovely and yes, you need some TF in your life.

    Živjo, KrvavaMeri! V Pragi je bilo super, je pa res hitro minilo. Barve v tej paleti so pa res lepe, sem prepričana, da jo bom zelo veliko uporabljala to sezono. :)

  10. These shades are gorgeous. But if I start buying TF makeup, I'm going to be in serious trouble. (Because I can't stop!)

    I'm surprised shea butter is an ingredient in shadows, period. Learned something new!

  11. The swatches of the shadows are much better than I thought they'd be from my brief look in store (shop assistant scared me so was put off having a good play) so I think you've convinced me I need to get one. Belated Birthday wishes and as it's mine at the weekend I think I will swiftly add some TF to my list! Just let me know if you want another at any time x

  12. Lovely palette! the sumptuous colours are so perfect for autumn

  13. Oh wow, you aren't wrong - google imaged it and ended up here! This is so beautiful and has gone right to the top of my lust list! I have also looked at your post with you wearing it, very lovely on you and the Autumn leaves photo should be printed and framed it is very lovely. x



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