Monday, October 3, 2011

I'm a Klutz - Chapter III

Hello, dirty old rubbery NARS packaging! How you doin'?

Oh, dear, I guess not too well! I really liked using NARS' Laguna bronzer and as I made quite a dent in it and was carrying it around me in my not-so-little makeup bag, well, the thing broke into tiny pieces.

Have you tried the popular Laguna bronzer? Is it still in one piece? I haven't been using it as much lately because I haven't been much in the sun this year (good girl!) and haven't tanned at all so Laguna started looking a bit scary but I have tried it again today with a very light hand and it still works really well for me.


  1. Oh dear is right! I haven't tried Laguna but it does look very wearable even when it's in little pieces =) xx

  2. You're not a little bit glad that it shattered into itty bitty little pieces? Cuz now you can go out and get a nice new shiny one. :D

  3. @Christa: Luckily it's still usable :) x

    @Jeanie: Definitely wearable, I just need to use a veeeery light hand with it. x

    @Liz: Don't even try tempting me! I'm sure you're doing this because you're on a makeup ban and now you're trying to make me spend, right? ;) x



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