Thursday, October 27, 2011

Catrice Nail Lacquer in Purplelized

Yes, it's another Catrice nail polish, can't help it! Purplelized is this gorgeous sparkly silvery purple colour with mainly blue and gold micro-glitter. A colour which requires so many words to be described is bound to be stunning.

The sparkles are of course even more visible in sunny weather (haven't had any of that lately) and when photographed with flash:

These photos were actually taken 4 days after application so there was some tip wear but luckily no chipping (I have used the Zoya colour lock products, I doubt the polish would have lasted as long just by itself). The application was easy, the first coat is very sheer but the second coat makes the colour completely opaque. For me, it's another winner from Catrice!


  1. Ta je prav nenavaden odtenek! Meni je zelo všeč :)

  2. Res je lep! Pa s Catrice laki sem bila do sedaj zares zadovoljna - naslednji, ki ga pokažem, bo najverjetneje After Eight :)

  3. I NEED this!!!!!! I would break my no buy polish rule for this color!! Wish we had Catrice in the states!

  4. Odtenek izgleda daleč bolj prestižen, kot dejansko je. V smislu Chanel lakov zadnjih nekaj sezon, ki ima podoben čar.
    Všeč mi, da je tako neopredeljiva barva + metalik finiš. Najs.



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