Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My sister's blue eyes

As much as I'm crazy about makeup my sister is a complete opposite - she doesn't wear any makeup, doesn't own a mascara or concealer or lipgloss, none of that. With her it's really Wash&Go. But she can't help but admire some of the beautiful makeup products I have (she was particularly taken with my Le Metier de Beaute kaleidoscopes) and every once in a while she asks me to do her makeup, just for fun - even though she then just wears it at home and takes it all off before she goes out.

So a few weeks ago she asked me to use blue eyeshadow on her eyes because she read somewhere that blue is supposed to look really good with brown eyes. What say you?

There is no full face photo because a) she wouldn't allow me to put photos on my blog and b) in most of the photos she was frowning, laughing like crazy, posing with cotton buds in her ears, you know, the usual... Anyway, I really think these colours look great on her - I used the Shiseido Hydro-Powder Eye Shadow in Violet Visions as a base and then applied the limited edition Catrice eyeshadow in the colour Be Indiglow all over her lid and darkened the edges with MAC's Deep Truth - I don't like Deep Truth by itself because it's too grey and a bit "blah"  but it's good for smoking out the lighter and brighter Be Indiglow. I added some black pencil by Bourjois and Bare Escentuals Flawless Definition mascara.

I was very pleasantly surprised with the Catrice eyeshadow - the pigmentation of this shimmery medium denim blue was very nice and surprisingly there was no fall-out. I also like the packaging - kind of reminds me of the Shu Uemura and RMK.

My sister really liked this look on her as well even though she took it all off after an hour - oh well, at least we both had fun!
Have you tried any of the eyeshadows from the Catrice line? Blue eyeshadow - yes or no?


  1. Jaz mislim, da ji super pristoji tak MU.

  2. The blues are beautiful, that is a lovely eye look.

  3. Hvala, Biba! Ji bom kar poslala link do tega posta pa se bo mogoče malo bolj opogumila :)

    Thank you Meeta, Marina, and Drama&Makeup! I think my sister will also be very pleased to read all your lovely comments! x

  4. That is a gorgeous eye look and is amazing with brown eyes. I honestly can't believe your sister took it off! Fabulous artistry Klara x

  5. Thank you Jane! She really has beautiful big brown eyes and I just love making her up. x

  6. I like Catrice, although the quality of their eyeshadows is not very reliable. But often they do have nice products for a very sweet price :) Just need to swatch first....

  7. Beautiful! I think the blue shadow made her eyes look a really rich brown.

  8. I didnt read it anywhere, i was contemplating it before i went to sleep :) all good from istanbul!

  9. Hi Dalaluz! It's a good thing that there are testers for all their products so you can check the pigmentation and texture beforehand. Do you have any favourites from their new line? x

    Hi Ava! Her eyes are gorgeous, and I agree, the blue really accentuated them. x

    Hi Nika! Potato, potahto ;) Well, you were right, next time you can do my makeup. x



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