Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Shiseido Hydro-Powder Eye Shadow in Spring Plum

I just want to get right to the point and say that the Shisedo Hydro-Powder eye shadow in the colour Spring Plum is simply stunning. As I mentioned  in my previous review of the Shiseido eye shadow in the colour Tiger Eye, Spring Plum was the other colour from their range that interested me and I have it now and it's one of the most beautiful colours in my makeup bag(s).

Spring Plum (H4) is a gorgeous soft rosy plum infused with green shimmer. This somewhat odd combination of the base colour and the shimmer is what makes it so gorgeous in my opinion - if you apply a small amount of the eyeshadow (for example, in the inner corners) the green will be much more obvious and if you apply it over a black base it will actually look more like a grey/green colour. 

For this EOTD I applied the Bourjois Smokey Effect eye liner in Ultra Black heavily on the upper lashline and smudged it with a pencil brush towards the crease. Then I applied the Shiseido Spring Plum all over the eyelid, using my fingers and the MAC 217 brush. On the lower lashline I used the Chanel le Crayon Yeux in Berry and I finished everything off with the Bare Escentuals Flawless Definition Volumizing mascara in black. 

As mentioned in my previous review of the Tiger Eye, the Hydro-Powder shadows are very smooth and extremely easy to apply and blend (at least these two that I have). They are not particularly long-lasting and I need to use a primer to make them last throughout the day (although to be fair I use a primer with all my shadows because my eyelids are just so oily).

The Hydro-Powder Eye Shadows are unfortunately being discontinued but that means that they are currently being sold for 7.99€ (originally they were around 25€) which is a great deal. Shiseido are coming out with a new range of cream eye shadows which look beautiful as well but I think that Spring Plum is  a very unique colour so if you still see it available at your stores I would urge you to at least swatch it. You won't be sorry.

In this last photo I wanted to compare Spring Plum to another favourite of mine, Club by MAC - as you can see they are most certainly not dupes, Club is quite darker and without the plummy undertone but they have a similar base and the green duchrome is gorgeous. I highly recommend both!

L-R: Shiseido Spring Plum, Shiseido Spring Plum on top of a black pencil, MAC Club, MAC Club on top of a black pencil


  1. I MUST HAVE THIS!!! It's as beautiful as I'd imagined from your description before!

  2. wow, what an interesting shade! Unfortunately those shadows crease like crazy on me :(

  3. OMG, this looks stunning! Why is it that Shiseido shadows aren't more popular? You are probably one of the only bloggers I have seen talking about them. Well done!

  4. That looks really pretty, I really need to pick up some Shisedo, I've not bought from them in years, I've heard good thinks about their newer powder shadows as well so might get some of those as well :)

  5. Christa, I knew you'd like it! I think it would work great with your colouring. x

    Hi Christina! Oh, that's too bad that these crease on you. I have to use a primer underneath as well but it's worth it. x

    Hi Y! I'm glad you like it. I think Shiseido as a whole brand is a little bit under-rated: they don't do many limited edition collections, their packaging is very simple but I have to say I've really liked all the products I've tried by them so far. x

    Hi Replica, I have liked their now discontinued sheer lipsticks, blush and mascara as well. I have swatched some powder eyeshadow in the store and the texture was very nice and I'm looking forward to checking out the new cream shadows. x

  6. I think the eye shades are very nice and subtle and the quality of the shades is very important for the skin to be in perfect condition for a long time.

  7. Gefällt mir sehr gut! :) Da du meinen Blog liest, hoffe ich, du kannst deutsch. Andernfalls schreib mir & ich schreibe in Englisch. Und es gibt ja auch den Google Translator :)

  8. Thank you, mineral foundation!

    Guten Morgen Mrs. Melting-Pot! Yes, I do understand German so there's no problem, you can write in German, but my German writing is not as good so I'll stick to my English which is a little bit better :) x

  9. These shadows have been discontinued. I love H4 spring plum. I can't find them anywhere. If anyone knows where I can get some, please let me know. TY

  10. Hi sHiReNe! Yes, unfortunately they were replaced with a new line of cream eyeshadows by Shiseido, but after checking out the new line I can say that unfortunately, there is no colour even similar to Spring Plum. It might be worth keeping an eye on ebay or strawberrynet though. Hope you'll find it and if you do please let me know :)



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