Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Rouge Bunny Rouge Eyeliner brushes 008 and 013

Makeup brushes are for most people not the most exciting makeup item - I know I often get tempted by various often limited edition metallic, shimmery, pots and pans and forget about  these essential tools. But after being very impressed with Rouge Bunny Rouge blushes, eye shadows and lipsticks I wanted to try their brushes next. I decided to start with the two eyeliner brushes, 008 and 013.

The RBR Eyeliner brush 008 (19 GBP at Zuneta) is quite an unusual conical shaped nylon brush - it has a very fine tip which makes it easy to create a thin line. The brush feels very soft against the skin but at the same time  it's very firm and compact and makes for a foolproof application. I love this brush - it's fantastic for applying gel liners to the lashline, tightlining and softly smudging and smoking out a pencil or an eyeshadow. A very versatile tool and it has quickly become one of my favourite brushes.

The RBR Eyeliner brush 013 (13 GBP at Zuneta) on the other hand is a standard long and slim eyeliner brush. The bristles are made of sable hair and are very soft. I've noticed that it lost some of its pointy shape after washing which is probably due to the fact that it's made of natural hair (in contrast, the 008 brush kept its shape perfectly). While it's a great brush for creating very thin lines I find myself reaching for the 008 more often. It's just a matter of preference I guess - I always liked the angled brushes more than the thin brushes and I feel that I have much better control with the 008 and it allows me to get really close to the lashes.

All in all they are both very good quality brushes and which one you choose depends simply on whether you prefer smaller, firmer eyeliner brushes or fine and long eyeliner brushes.

What are your favourite eye liner brushes? Have you tried any of the Rouge Bunny Rouge brushes? I have my eye on the Face Contour and Blusher Brush next and I better start saving now (or put them on my birthday wishlist :)


  1. I am interested in the 008 as I like being able to get a fine line close to the lashes and that shape seems very nice.

    My favourite eye liner brush is Shu Uemura 2R which looks similar to the 013 (maybe a bit finer). I love this for gel liner.

  2. I have not, but brushes are one of the make up items that excite me the MOST!!

  3. I really like the look of 008 because I want the thinnest, most precise line possible with lots of control. Bobbi Brown's "Ultra-fine" eyeliner brush is a joke (to me, anyway) because the bristles are so thick.

    My favorite brushes for lining my eyes are Paula Dorf angled brush, the Paula Dorf Transformer brush (a curved tightlining brush that follows the shape of the lid over or under the lashes--brilliant), and the Becca Fine Eyeliner Brush #6 (sable). I liked the Becca so much I ordered two backups, because I was afraid I'd never find one with such fine bristles again.

  4. Wow I really love the look of the 008! I need something like that. You are so right about how easy it is to be distracted from great tools by pretty things!

  5. Hi Meeta, I think you'd like the 008. I googled the Shu 2R and it looks very tiny and I think it's quite slimmer than the 013. x

    Hi Y, that's interesting to hear. What are some of your favourites? x

    Hi Zuzu, I actually have the mini Ultra-Fine eyeliner by Bobbi Brown and I think I'll actually try and use it as a lip brush. I'm off to google all the brushes you've mentioned (I've read many good reviews on the Paula Dorf brushes, it's a shame they are not more widely available). x

    Hi Christa, I'm really impressed with the 008, it's such a versatile brush. Worth putting in your shopping basket next time you place an order. x

  6. I am a fan of RBR brushes, especially their face ones, they really do make a difference with application. Great review x



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