Monday, August 22, 2011

Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer in It Blue My Mind

Catrice nail polishes are some of my favourites - the consistency is usually great, they are easy to apply, tthe brush is nice, a little shorter than average and flat and there are many colours to choose from: from your regular reds, pinks, pastels to the more trendy and unusual colours. And the best part is that a bottle only costs 2.49€.

It Blue My Mind is a beautiful shimmery deep royal blue colour - I love that it's not too dark like for example the famous Chanel Blue Satin which almost looks black in certain lights. I think that the limited edition nail polish by Lancome called Indigo Paris from a few years back would be the closest to this Catrice colour. The finish is lovely, very glossy and opaque in two coats. There is however one downside - this particular colour was discontinued, at least I can't see it on the Catrice website anymore.  

I have used a top coat by Essence in these photos which was a mistake because it made all these annoying little bubbles on the nails. So I'm now looking for a good top coat -  any recommendations? And I have tried the Seche Vite before and hated it because it literally peeled off my nail polish in a matter of hours.

Do you like blue nail polishes? It Blue My Mind is a definite winner for me and I love wearing it all year round. With some of the Fall makeup collections, especially Dior's Blue Tie and Chanel's Les Jeans de Chanel it seems like blue will be on many people's tips this season. 


  1. Tudi meni so Catrice laki všečm ravno iz teh razlogov, ki si jih napisala.

    Modra pa je izgleda to jesen "in", ja :)

  2. I have heard good things about Catrice but I can't find it where I am. A good & affordable nail polish is always lovely.

  3. That's a beautiful blue! I tend to stay away from metallics but this is gorgeous.

  4. Živjo, Biba! Se mi zdi, da je modra res vsepovsod. Drugače sem pa na nekaterih slovenskih forumih prebrala, da pride celotno Catrice stojalo k nam, se že veselim :)

    Hi Y! They are really good polishes and I'd love to try the rest of their range - apparently it's coming to Slovenia soon.

    Hi Jenn, it is very beautiful, almost glowing. Catrice also have a deep, grayish blue that I'd love to try but I haven't seen it on our counters yet.

  5. I am a huge fan of Catrice and when I can I always buy everything I see! Very nice color.. I love blue!!

  6. Hi Tali! Their polishes are great - I'm especially looking forward to seeing the new shades for fall. Have you tried any other products by Catrice? x

  7. love this blue!!



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