Saturday, July 30, 2011

Makeup Mavens: Part Eight

I think you can safely say I have a thing for purples/plums. Can you guess what all the products above are?

Makeup Mavens present makeup you might have missed. This week we posted about Tarte Cosmetics, the allure of false eyelashes, and posed a valid question about SPF in our makeup - are we really getting enough?  
Now that we are in the full swing of summer, 12 top summer essentials were toted by Jenn of HopelesslyDevoted to Makeup. See if your "must haves" for battling crippling heat and unbearable humidity made the cut? 

Jennifer of Lipstick Luvvies did some treasure hunting and uncovered some "hidden gems" found at Zuneta! This post will tempt you into placing a Zuneta order for sure. 

Tarte Cosmetics managed to catch the "eye" of Christina from Lovesong for My Lipgloss and she was kind enough to swatch them al for us! Do any of these calls call your name? 

In this captive post, Mookie On The Bench, raises a great question about relying on SPF in our makeup. 
Product Doctor finally got to sample Burberry Beauty and she was not disappointed! Take a peek at what she ended up walking away with plus a gift with purchase too - Score!   
RaspberryRouge shows us the Becca bronzer that has been logging the miles since the beginning of summer for her.  Doesn't she have the most gorgeous complexion?  

The Black Panties shows us her go-to eye lashes when she wants to be the spotlight of attention. Are you a fan of false eyelashes yourself? After seeing her wearing these lashes, I'm a fan *swoon*.  

In about 10 hours I'll be leaving on a much awaited and well deserved holiday by the sea. I should have everything packed by now but I'm well known for leaving things till the end (and I hate packing!). I hope you're all having a great time, whether on vacation or not, and hopefully I'll have some beautiful photos to show you when I get back.


  1. Isn't Purpura gorgeous!! Is that the benefit cream shadow you've spoken off that I was so interested in? Was it benefit? Oh heck now I don't even remember! Oh no it was Shiseido right?!

  2. Ding ding! You got two out of four :) Yes, it is the Shiseido Cream eyeshadow in Spring Plum, I love it and will do a post on it soon. x



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