Saturday, July 30, 2011

Makeup Mavens: Part Eight

I think you can safely say I have a thing for purples/plums. Can you guess what all the products above are?

Makeup Mavens present makeup you might have missed. This week we posted about Tarte Cosmetics, the allure of false eyelashes, and posed a valid question about SPF in our makeup - are we really getting enough?  
Now that we are in the full swing of summer, 12 top summer essentials were toted by Jenn of HopelesslyDevoted to Makeup. See if your "must haves" for battling crippling heat and unbearable humidity made the cut? 

Jennifer of Lipstick Luvvies did some treasure hunting and uncovered some "hidden gems" found at Zuneta! This post will tempt you into placing a Zuneta order for sure. 

Tarte Cosmetics managed to catch the "eye" of Christina from Lovesong for My Lipgloss and she was kind enough to swatch them al for us! Do any of these calls call your name? 

In this captive post, Mookie On The Bench, raises a great question about relying on SPF in our makeup. 
Product Doctor finally got to sample Burberry Beauty and she was not disappointed! Take a peek at what she ended up walking away with plus a gift with purchase too - Score!   
RaspberryRouge shows us the Becca bronzer that has been logging the miles since the beginning of summer for her.  Doesn't she have the most gorgeous complexion?  

The Black Panties shows us her go-to eye lashes when she wants to be the spotlight of attention. Are you a fan of false eyelashes yourself? After seeing her wearing these lashes, I'm a fan *swoon*.  

In about 10 hours I'll be leaving on a much awaited and well deserved holiday by the sea. I should have everything packed by now but I'm well known for leaving things till the end (and I hate packing!). I hope you're all having a great time, whether on vacation or not, and hopefully I'll have some beautiful photos to show you when I get back.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

SPF in Makeup - do we really get the protection we need?

All the products in the above photo have some form of an SPF, they mainly contain chemical filters. When I got the Dior Bronze Matte bronzer last month I started thinking about SPF in makeup and realised that I am in most cases very much annoyed by it. Let's take this Dior bronzer for example: it has an SPF of 20, a combination of mineral and chemical filters (titanium dioxide 11,7%, octinoxate 6%, oxybenzone 2%). What bothers me is that I use bronzer only on my cheeks and the sides of my face and I seriously doubt that the amount that I use is giving me enough sun protection.

I think that two most basic rules about sunscreen and sun protection that are usually repeated in many articles  on this topic are: use a sufficient amount of sunscreen and reapply it regularly. I don't know about you but I don't reapply my foundation, bronzer, blush etc. throughout the day and when I do apply it in the morning I probably don't use enough to give me the protection as stated on the label. Also, piling on the foundation or blush would probably result in a not very flattering look at all. Therefore, even though I use a makeup product with an SPF I don't really get the protection.

Also, in the winter I don't use an SPF moisturizer or foundation on an everyday basis - when I go to work it's still dark outside and when I get back home there is no sign of daylight anymore. So I just don't see the point in using an SPF all the time.

The thing is, a lot of foundations nowadays contain SPF - and if your skin is very sensitive then most of the chemical filters are not a good choice and  on the other hand mineral filters can often cause breakouts. It might sound vain to be talking about irritation or blemishes vs. sun protection but I just don't see a point in using a product that would potentially irritate my skin or make me breakout (which in my opinion is just another form of irritation) if I don't really need that ingredient that is causing the reaction in the first place.

In the end I should add that I am of course no expert on skincare or suncare and that there are so many different and often contradicting information on the use of SPF and their side effects out there that it's really hard to form a strong and valid opinion about the topic. 

How do you feel about SPF in makeup and skincare in general? As I'm going on holiday very soon I've been buying some SPF products - for my face I'll use the Becca Mineral Primer SPF 30 and for my body I chose a combination of La Roche Posay and UltraSun  and hopefully, I'll get all the sun protection I need.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer Sweets: Raspberry Pie

Pie. Raspberry Pie. Full royalty-wannabe name: Hazelnut tart with orange mascarpone and strawberries. Oh yes and it’s delicious! Now I didn’t use strawberries, I went with raspberries this time. Living on the edge, yes I am.

I love making pies because they are usually very easy to make and you can mix and match the different crusts and fillings. Also, they are not as "heavy" as proper cakes (or at least that's what I tell myself). I got the recipe from BBC Good Food just like the last time. I especially loved the pastry of this one - I've used almonds instead of hazelnuts as in the recipe, and the filling, a mix of mascarpone and double cream, was very refreshing although my boyfriend complained a little bit that it wasn't sweet enough.

What are your favourite summer desserts? Although by the look of the weather right now I should be asking you about your favourite stew or "golaž" recipes.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Makeup Mavens: Part Seven

For all of my taupe homies, look no further than u-taupe-ia aka Hopelessly Devoted to Makeup's review on the epic purple taupe that is Delicate Hummingbird eyeshadow. 

I know we are always on the hunt for that perfect luxurious, vibrant pink lipstick. Look no further because Lipstick Luvvies is in love with By Terry's Cherry Cherry lipstick. Talk about stopping traffic *wink*

Lovesong for My Lipgloss is really adoring her new travel companion, which is Hourglass Illume Cream to Powder Bronzer Duo. I must say, the stuff looks pretty awesome :D

Bridal makeup is definitely always something we want to perfect since we all want to look awesome on our wedding day. It's no surprise that  Mookie On The Bench has some great ideas on what items to use and it's a bonus to see her skills in action.  

Looking for an amazing concealer and treatment in one? Product Doctor is smitten with Le Metier de Beaute's Peau Vierge Corrector and see what a difference it has made for her skin.

It's July and it's always nice to find pretty, very luminous bronzy highlighter that gives a soft warmth to your cheeks. If you're in the market for one, check out to see if it really is Raspberry Rouge's alternative to Dior Amber Diamond. 

Since The Black Panties always afraid of warm palettes, she has decided to step outside her comfort zone and take the plunge on my first Suqqu Blend Color Eyeshadow in #5 Sakurakaba. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Here comes the bride...

If you follow me on twitter or if you remember some of my previous posts you may know that two of my very good friends got married this summer. Apparently I tweeted a lot about weddings in general because klout now thinks I'm influental about them, ha! Anyways, because both of my friends know that I'm a little bit coo coo for makeup they asked me to do their makeup on their wedding day. Gulp! I know how to put makeup on my face but I'm not a makeup artist and I can be a little bit clumsy at times so I admit, I was scared. Luckily I practiced on the brides beforehand and both of them are already naturally gorgeous so I didn't have too hard of a job.

So today I'd like you to meet one of my friends, let's call her A:

Hello, Gorgeous!

First I prepped the skin with the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer SPF 15, applied Malin+Goetz lip moisturizer on her lips and put some Too Faced Shadow Insurance on her eyelids.

For foundation I used the Bourjois Healthy Mix (I mixed the colours 51 and 54) and I concealed any little blemishes with the Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage in SC-2 and used the Clinique Airbrush Concealer in No. 04 under her eyes.

Then I moved to the eyes - all the eyeshadows that I used were from the Urban Decay palette - Sin on the inner half of the lid, Toasted on the outer half of the lid, Smog and Buck in the crease and Darkhorse on top of the Bourjois brown eyeliner on upper and lower lashline. I also added some Virgin on the browbone and then put the Max Factor False Lash Effect (the Waterproof version) on her lashes.

On the cheeks I've used the Becca Beach Tint in Guava, Rouge Bunny Rouge blusher in Habanera, Shiseido Luminizing Satin blush in Carnation on the apples of the cheeks and Rouge Bunny Rouge Highlighting Liquid in Sea of Showers just on the top of her cheekbones.

I lined the lips with the Bourjois lip liner in Framboise Exquise, blended it in with a lip brush and applied the Dior lipstick Rouge Dior in Elegant Pink on her lips.

As a last step I applied the Chanel loose poweder in 25 (Peche Clair), focusing on the t-zone.

The funny thing was that when we were practising we always took our time and we assumed that we would have one hour for makeup but then on the day of the wedding we had very little time  but according to her she loved her wedding look the best. The makeup didn't budge at all (from 11am to 5am the next day), we only reapplied the lipstick and powdered once again during the day.

We were both very pleased with the end result and she looked beautiful both in person and in the photos.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Makeup Mavens: Part Six

Can't wait for my holiday!

The Makeup Mavens present makeup you may have missed. This week there are delectable delights from the likes of Chanel, Shiseido, Le Metier De Beaute, Chantecaille and Becca. One Maven shares an interesting post on the link between beauty blogs and spending habits and another offers you the chance to win yourself a gorgeous cream blush.

Want to win yourself some Le Metier De Beaute? Hop on over to Hopelessly Devoted to Makeup for a chance to win a beautiful Poppy Creme Fresh Tint.

Are beauty blogs bad for the wallet? Lipstick Luvvies shares her thoughts on the subject this week, so pop on over to her blog to find out if they are friend or foe to the bank balance. 

Lovesong for My Lipgloss introduced us to the newest additions in the Chantecaille range, Poudre de Perle and a new Compact Soleil shade. Check out her gorgeous swatches of Biwa and St. Barth's. 

Are shimmery, coppery shadows your thing? If so, you need to visit Mookie On The Bench for a brilliant review on Shiseido's Hydro Powder Eye Shadow in Tiger eye.

Product Doctor fell in love with Chanel's limited edition Topkapi palette. Check out her swatches of the silvery taupe, gold and rich browns and you'll see why.  

Raspberry Rouge discovered Becca's long lasting Eye tint's and shared a review and swatches of Baroque, a foolproof soft brown shade.

The black panties got to play with Le Metier De Beaute's Silk Road Eye Kaleidoscope. Head on over to see some beautiful swatches of gorgeous plums, purples and chocolate-y shades.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Chanel Rouge Coco lipstick in Cambon

When the Chanel Rouge Coco lipsticks first came out I wasn't very interested in them - I swatched some of the shades at the counter but a lot of them looked too frosty and quite dry in consistency. I am really glad that I got a sample card of four Rouge Coco colours (Mademoiselle, Egerie, Cambon and Venise)  because Cambon is simply stunning. No shimmer, just a gorgeous creamy, shiny and very pigmented pinky red, although the colour warms up a little on my lips. Even though it is creamier than some of the lipsticks from the Rouge Coco range it doesn't slide all over the face, lasts really well on me and leaves a soft tint to my lips after approximately 4 hours.

The lipliner that I found is the closest in colour to Cambon is the Bourjois Levres Contour in Rouge Soyeux - the colours really work well together and even all by itself the Bourjois pencil makes for a lovely matte stain. In the first photo I'm not wearing the lip pencil, just the lipstick applied with a lip brush (actually it's an eyeliner brush from Topshop but it works really well for applying lip colour).

Not the best swatch but hopefully you can see the consistency of the products
I actually wore Cambon to a friend's wedding last month and because the colour is so bright I kept the eye makeup very simple and just accentuated the eyes with some of the colours from the Urban Decay palette (Half Baked, Smog and Darkhorse), added some liner and on my cheeks I blended the Bourjois Delice de Soleil bronzer in 51 and Rouge Bunny Rouge blusher in the colour Habanera.

In this photo the lipstick has already faded a little bit, but just to give you an idea what it looks like in the context of my whole face.

There are so many red lipsticks available and it's hard to choose the right one just based on some  swatches taken instore but if you're looking for a great vibrant red then I really suggest checking out Cambon - I know I'm getting the full size as soon as I finish my sample.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Shiseido Hydro-Powder Eye Shadow in Tiger Eye

Just as I was starting to write this review of the Shiseido Hydro-Powder Eye Shadow, I read on Cafe Makeup that Shiseido will replace the Hydro-Powder shadows with a new line of cream eye shadows this Fall. Oh, well, I guess this explains why I got mine for almost half off.

The Shiseido Hydro Powder Eye Shadows have a beautiful texture - not as thick as a regular cream eye shadow such as MAC and Benefit and they feel very light and cooling once applied to the lid. They are very easy to apply just with fingers and are effortless to blend and build up.

Tiger Eye (H3) is a beautiful shimmery coppery colour that looks a bit more golden on the eyelids. Most of the colours from the range are not something I'd go for: pale blues, greens, lilacs... The only one besides Tiger Eye that I liked and is on my wishlist now is Spring Plum (H4), a gorgeous burgundy with green shimmer. The colours in the newer range look more like something I'd wear - you can see the swatches and more info on the new line of cream eye shadows by Shiseido on Rouge Deluxe.

For this EOTD I applied Tiger Eye all over the upper lid, lined my upper lashline with the Max Factor Liquid Effect Pencil in Brown Blaze, lined my lower lashline with Estee Lauder AquaTeal eyeliner (the blue side of the pencil) and put some Urban Decay Half Baked in the inner part of the lower lashline. The mascara I used was Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill.

L-R: Tiger Eye, UD Half Baked, Estee Lauder AquaTeal eyeliner, Max Factor Brown Blaze (daylight)

Photographed with flash

The lasting power is good but nothing exceptional on me - I get about 5 hours (without primer) before it starts creasing but the good thing is that even when it starts creasing it's not too bad and I don't end up with all colour in my eye socket like with some other products (cough, Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill eyeshadows, cough).

The Hydro-Powder eye shadows come in a glass jar with 6g of product and a small applicator which I don't find very useful as I prefer applying most cream products with fingers. and they cost 25€, gulp (or of course 10-something € if you're lucky).

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Makeup Mavens: Part Five

Have a seat ;)

The Makeup Mavens present makeup you might have missed. Once again we give you a range of products by Chanel, Clinique, Becca, Chantecaille, Nars and By Terry. There's bound to be something to delight your senses!  We even got a look inside one Maven's storage space!

Neutrals boring? Not with Chanel's Fall Prelude Eye Shadow Quad! Hopelessly Devoted to Makeup gives us a complete look at the palette including EOTD!

Who says cake stands are just for cakes? Lipstick Luvvies gets creative with a unique makeup storage solution!

Clinique's Black Honey Brush On Cream Liner is a beautiful shimmering brown. Check it out on Lovesong for My Lipgloss!

Mookie on the Bench is loving her Becca Beach Tints. With choices from Guava to Watermelon, they're perfect for summer!

Product Doctor has your prescription for easy, beautiful summer skin with Chantecaille's new Ultra Sun Protection SPF 50 PA+++ Anti-Glycation Primer!

Is Rasberry Rouge happy about her Nars Happy Days Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil? Read her post to find out!

Can't decide which luxurious By Terry product to try first?  Black Panties is over the moon about By Terry Ombre Blackstar Color Fix Cream Eye Shadow in Bronze Moon!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Becca Beach Tints - Watermelon & Guava

Becca Beach Tints are another multi-purpose product that can be used both on the lips and on the cheeks. The consistency of these is completely different to the consistency of the Stila Convertible Colors but I like them just as well, if not even more.

The Beach Tints are described as creme stains that are kiss-proof, water-resistant, non-greasy and non-drying. The texture of these is indeed lovely: thicker than a liquid (the famous Benetint is too runny in my opinion and sets too quickly) and not as thick as regular cream blushes. Because of the silicones in the base they are very easy to apply and blend with fingers or brushes, which way you prefer and I find them really long-lasting on my skin.

The colours that I have are Watermelon (bright pink) and the newest addition to the range which came out with this summer collection, Guava (bright coral pink). Both colours have no shimmer. They have a subtle scent - of Watermelon and Guava, of course, although it's more wannabe-Watermelon and wannabe-Guava but luckily the scent disappears quickly. I don't have any other colours on my wishlist as I think these two probably suit my complexion the most and some of the other colours look quite similar, but I would have loved it if Becca made a Bronzer Tint in this same formula.

And now for some swatches (that look more like a weird allergy test):
L: Watermelon, R: Guava (Photo taken with flash)

As you can see in the first photo, the Beach Tint in Guava hasn't yet fully set and is still quite wet. You definitely have enough time to work with these until they set completely.

L: Watermelon, R: Guava (Photo taken without flash; daylight)

They work really well just by themselves but because they are so light and non-tacky they also make a great base for powder blushes. You need to be careful though and really shake them well before each use as the product separates a bit in the tube. They work also very well on the lips, adding a hint of colour although they are not moisturizing at all but they are not too drying either (I would recommend using a tinted balm or a lipgloss on top).

Another reason why I love these is the packaging: a sleek tube, much more hygienic than regular cream blush compacts.

Ingredients (copied from the Becca website):
Isododecane, Cyclopentasiloxane, Cera Alba (Beeswax), Oxidized Polyethylene,Isostearyl Neopentanoate, Dimethicone, Polyethylene,Trimethylsiloxysilicate, Disteardimonium Hectorite, Tocopheryl Acetate, Nylon-12, Propylene Carbonate,Parfum (Fragrance), Titanium Dioxide CI 77891, Iron Oxides CI 77491, CI 77492,CI 77499, Carmine CI 75470, Red 21 Lake CI 45380, Red 36 CI 12085 , Red 7 CI15850, Red 40 Lake CI 16035, Yellow 5 Lake CI 19140, Yellow 6 Lake CI 15985,Ultramarines CI 77007, Blue 1 Lake CI 42090

You can get the Beach Tints at Becca's website, Lookfantastic, Zuneta ... 25€/19GBP for 7ml.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Makeup Mavens: Part Four

Makeup Mavens present makeup you might have missed. This week we posted about the beauty of online shopping, Chanel polishes, luxury brushes, Becca eyeshadows, Dior bargains, favourite products of June and we looked deeply in the purse of one makeup maven. Hope you enjoy the posts!

Jenn of Hopelessly Devoted To Makeup was not all that impressed with the new Chanel nail polishes from their Fall collection. However, as you'll be able to see, sometimes it pays off to give the products a second chance.

Online shopping is definitely becoming more and more popular. Check out some of Lipstick Luvvie's favourite online shops and products that she found on the www shelves.

Christina of Lovesong for My Lipgloss shows us what's in her bag. And guess what product is one of her 3 must-haves (tip: it's all in the name).

The latest post from Mookie On The Bench might make you green with envy as she shows you what a great deal she got on two Dior products.

Product Doctor posted about her June favourites while travelling around Spain and Portugal (lucky girl). Some truly lovely products from Becca, Le Metier de Beaute and Chanel made it on her list.

Natalie from Raspberry Rouge showed us photos and a lovely look she did with the Becca eyeshadows from the Enigma palette which looks like a beautiful trio of everyday neutral colours.

The Black Panties tempted us with her review of the luxurious and very-hard-to-find cheek brush by a Japanese manufacturer Chikuhodo. 


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