Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Stila Convertible Color Duo in Lilium/Gerbera

Oh look, could this be? I've hit pan! (let's try to ignore the fact that I've had the above compact for probably two years, shall we?)

Stila Convertible Colors are one of those creamy multipurpose products that are meant to be used both on the cheeks and on the lips. I usually find that this type of product works really well on the cheeks but not as well on the lips as it seems to be too thick and creamy. I find this to be true for the Convertible Colors as well - they are quite thick, creamy, almost greasy to the touch and they almost look like pastels on the lips so I just use them on my cheeks. And I have to say these are one of my favourite cream blushes.


I bought the above duo on ebay and although both colours are permanent in the Stila range, the duo combination was limited edition. The colours included in this duo are Lilium, a dusty mauvy pink on the left  and Gerbera, a bright pinky orange (the swatches on the Stila website are not very accurate in my opinion). Both colours have no shimmer and look quite scary in the pan, especially Gerbera but because they are so creamy you can really layer them and just add a subtle hint of colour to your cheeks or build up the colour. I love using Gerbera in the summer because it's just bright enough for me and Lilium is a beautiful neutral colour all year round. I actually like the consistency of the Convertible Colors better and easier to apply than for example the Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge - the Pot Rouges feel drier in comparison and I find I have to use a brush to apply them whereas I can simply use my fingers with the Convertible Colors and I'm done.


I actually wore Gerbera in this FOTD - as you can see it's not as bright on the skin as it looks in the pan. Another important reason why I love these blushes: even though they are so soft they last really well on me. So if you're looking for a beautiful, easy to use creamy blush then I can't recommend these highly enough.

Have you tried the Stila Convertible Colors? What are some of your favourite cream blushes?


  1. O, kako lepe barve!

    Si želim kakšen Stila make up izdelek v svoji zbirki...

  2. I love both of those. I'm quite into cream/multi purpose products at the moment. I think I may have to invest ;o)

  3. Love the pink colour, thats exactly what i'd wear x

  4. Živjo, Biba! Res so lepe barve, pa še zelo priročno je, da sta kar dve različni skupaj. Škoda, ker Stile ni pri nas (pa to velja še za marsikatero kozmetično znamko). x

    Hi Leanne! It's a great product for the summer, I think you'd really like it :) x

    Hi Hannah! Lilium is a gorgeous colour and I find it very flattering. x



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