Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sheer lipsticks: from Makeup Factory to Chanel (and some Lipstick Queen in between)

This summer the sheer, glossy lipsticks have really taken over - so many different brands released these new lighter formulations and most of us actually "forgot" that the sheer lipsticks have been around for years before (guilty as charged). I usually prefer more opaque lipsticks but especially in the warmer months I like sheer lipsticks mainly because they are just so easy to use and I can get away with a sloppy application. 

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Escale (49)
The most recent sheer lipstick that I got is the Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Escale (49) - a nice light shimmery pink. I was actually deciding between the Chanel and Dior Addict lippies but the SA at the Chanel counter was very lovely and I was already buying the loose powder so the only logical thing was to get the Rouge Coco Shine (well, it was logical to me). If I had to describe this lipstick in one word it would be nice. And I don't think nice is good enough for a lipstick with such a high price point. The texture of the lipstick is smooth and soft but I find that it simply doesn't feel comfortable enough on my lips - it feels like it's just sitting on top of my lips. Also, the rose scent is a little bit overwhelming (I really like perfumes based around the note of rose but the scent of rose in lipsticks is not very appealing to me). It lasts quite well on the lips and even after the initial shine is gone there is still some colour left - the colour which is nothing quite unique but that's my fault really, I should have gone with something punchier. Overall, a nice lipstick and I'll probably use it up just because it's such an easy to wear colour but I would definitely not repurchase it (What's that? Never say never? We'll see).
Makeup Factory Glossy Lip Stylo in No. 30
Next up is the Makeup Factory Glossy Lip Stylo in No. 30 - another new lipstick launch this season, the Lip Stylo only comes in 6 mostly neutral colours. No. 30 is a light pinky beige colour with blue shimmer which fortunately isn't too big and doesn't end up on my forehead at the end of the day, phew. The texture of the Makeup Factory Lip Stylo is much more buttery and glossier than the Rouge Coco Shine and the lips actually feel hydrated after the colour and shine wear off. Because it is so soft and quite pigmented I can get away with applying just one layer. Also, another plus is the SPF of 15.

Lipstick Queen in Jean Queen
Lipstick Queen in Jean Queen which was already featured in my April Favourites is a gorgeous sheer raspberry pink colour and I actually prefer the texture of this lipstick over the Chanel and the Makeup Factory sheer lipsticks. It's very smooth, feels almost like applying a light oil (although it's not greasy at all) and the finish is beautiful - it looks as if I had applied a coloured stain with a clear gloss on top because there is no shimmer to it and the texture is so light (not as buttery as the Makeup Factory Lip Stylo - with that one it is clear that you have something on your lips). The Jean Queen colour was actually created as a perfect colour to go with jeans and however silly this may sound I kind of get it - it's such a lovely sheer pop of colour, perfect for that fresh, casual almost-no-makeup look.

L-R: Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Escale, Lipstick Queen Jean Queen, Makeup Factory 30
Have you tried any of the above lipsticks and what do you think of them? I still have the new Dior Addicts and the Chantecaille Lip Chics (ok, ok, and the Rouge Bunny Rouge sheer lipsticks) on my wishlist and would love to read your recommendations.


  1. They look gorgeous, esp the Jean Queen and the Chanel.

  2. Nice! I love sheers this time of year, and I really want to try Jean Queen. I have LQ Medieval, and it's one of the most sheer and clear reds I have ever worn.

  3. Very pretty shades! I love the look of the CHanel one. I don't think I've seen that on the US site- I will double check. Great post, Klara xx

  4. I'm loving the new sheer formulations as well. I have the RBR on my wish list!

  5. I like the Makeup Factory gloss on you the best. Very pretty!

  6. Thanks Jen, the Jean Queen is my favourite and I think it would look gorgeous on you as well!

    Hi Zuzu, I want to try some other lipsticks by Lipstick Queen now (I assume that the Saints have a similar texture to Jean Queen?) - I haven't really liked their glosses in the past but this lipstick is a winner.

    Hi Jeanie, I see you got another Rouge Coco Shine ;) I think that some colours from the line aren't available everywhere - from the swatches that I did at my local counter, I'd say that Escale is somewhere between Evasion and Aventure.

    Hi productdoctor, I've had the RBR sheer lipstick in the colour Fluttering Sighs on my wishlist for a while now - but every tame I make a purchase from Zuneta it's out of stock :(

    Thanks Jenn, the blue shimmer in the Makeup Factory stylo is very pretty and the buttery texture is very comfortable on my lips.

  7. I love the Chanel lipstick will have to try that one out..I have so many lipsticks bt no Chanel ones..


  8. Love all of them, especially the Chanel.



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