Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sarah Chapman Skinesis Eye Recovery

One of my unintentional New Year's resolutions was to simplify my skincare routine so since then I have been basically using only these products: cleanser, moisturiser, eye cream and an SPF in the morning. I will post about all the products in the future but today I'll start with Sarah Chapman SKINESIS Eye Recovery, the eye cream which I have been using since February. I have just used the last drop of this product so I feel I can now give a proper(ish) review.

The Eye Recovery is formulated to help with dark circles, lines and puffiness and is filled with peptides and antioxidants. Now I don't have any bigger problems with wrinkles or puffiness yet (I'm still 25) but I have some tiny lines around my eyes and do get some dark circles occassionally when the nights are too late or mornings too early. So I'm probably not the best person to judge the line-smoothing claims of this product - what I'm looking for is a moisturising eye crean that would soften those occasional dark circles and wouldn't irritate my sensitive eyes like certain products have in the past (L'Occitane Almond velvet eye gel, you know I'm looking at you!).

Ingredients of the Eye Recovery (click to enlarge):

First of all, I really like the packaging - I find these pump bottles much more hygienic than the jars, the only downside is that you can't really tell how much product is left in the bottle. The consistency of the Eye Recovery is quite light and moisturising - luckily it isn't thick at all and  I particularly liked using it in the morning as it didn't leave a film on my skin and would make a nice base for foundation. It also doesn't feel as silicony as some eye creams, for example the All About Eyes by Clinique which I have just started using. I think that the Eye Recovery might not be rich enough for those with very dry skin - when the skin around my eyes would get very dry I just put a tiny bit of argan oil on before the eye cream and it worked really well (however I wouldn't use oils around my eyes on an everyday basis as I find they can make my eyes look puffy).

After using this product for 3 months I can say that there wasn't any noticeable improvement on the fine lines however, I have noticed that my undereye area looked a bit brighter (which might also be due to the small illuminating particles in this product). All in all I really liked how moisturising and gentle it felt on my skin and I might repurchase it - right now I've started using the All About Eyes by Clinique which I got as a GWP and we'll see how it will compare to the more expensive Eye Recovery.

The Sarah Chapman SKINESIS Eye Recovery is available at Space NK and on Sarah Chapman's website as well.


  1. Your skin care regimen sounds like mine, sometimes less is more. Good luck in finding the right eye cream for you, it can be tricky to do!

  2. I did try Clinique All About Eyes too, and seem to have more of a brightening effect than anti-aging. Haven't found any eye cream that can remove or even diminish my fine lines either,I guess I'm like you still in search for the right one.

  3. Hi Jenn, I found that it just works much better for me if I only use a few products. Although I have to admit I'm very tempted by all the new skincare products and great online reviews. x

    Hi Alexutza, it does have a brightening effect (there might be some illuminators in there, I don't know). And here's an interesting update to this post: my eyes have been very irritated lately and now I don't know whether it's the Clinique All About Eyes that I've started using or maybe the Lash Extension mascara by Max Factor. I might get back to the Sarah Chapman eye cream after all. x

  4. Hi Klara- I have read really good things about SC eye cream. I think it's sometimes difficult to find the right fit with the eye area. I usually have to change things periodically (my skin gets used to things). I used Clinique all about eyes for YEARS (10 at least) but then decided I had to move on to something more moisturizing. It's a good product though.

    Best of luck!




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