Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bourjois 10 Days Nail Polish (No. 17)

One of the latest new products launched by Bourjois are their 10 Days Nail Polishes, which are supposed to last for up to 5 days - kidding, kidding: up to 10 days. Of course the not-so-small-print on the back of the bottle says: Up to 10 days hold including touch up. Thanks for clearing that up!
Excuse the sloppy application - It's not me, it's the brush (Ok, it's me and the brush)
The colour that I got is No. 17 - a dark raspberry red without any shimmer, nothing terribly unique but still a pretty colour. You can see more colours available on the Bourjois website. Now I can't really judge the long-wearing claims of the polish yet as I've just painted my nails (Update: the nail polish started chipping on the fourth day. I think that was quite good as I didn't apply a topcoat, but definitely nothing outstanding.) however I can say that the texture of the polish is quite thin (thinner than most OPI polishes) and the pigmentation of this particular colour is really good so I only needed to use two coats (to be completely honest I don't really bother with nail polishes that require 3 coats or more). Also the finish is very glossy, I didn't need to use a topcoat at all. 

Of course there is a "but" and in this case it's the weird angled brush which in my opinion makes the application much more difficult than a regular brush. Also, I've noticed that with my brush the bristles are not cut completely straight and that there are some longer bristles which then help to make an even bigger mess. 

The Bourjois 10 Days Nail Polishes cost a little bit over 5€ and currently there is a special offer in some of the Slovenian stores (DM and Müller): a free full-size nail polish remover with the purchase of every new nail polish which makes it quite a good deal in my opinion.

Has anyone else tried these new nail polishes? Please tell me I'm not the only klutz who can't propertly apply this polish!


  1. Hello sexy red nails! Sometimes a red nail is just what you are in the mood for - nothing wrong with that! That brush does seem odd though and who wants a more difficult application, that's a shame. Still, it's very pretty on!

  2. Tele lake pa moram vzeti pod drobnogled ob naslednjem obisku drogerije... A čopič tudi meni (po sliki) ni najbolj simpatičen.

  3. Thanks Jenn ;) I swear my wrist was actually hurting because I was painting my nails at such a weird angle. Too bad, because the formula is actually very nice.

    Živjo, Biba! Mogoče bo pa tebi boljše šlo s tem čopičem, jaz sem bolj štorastapri lakiranju. ;)

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  5. I love that red! I never used to wear reds at all until about 3 years ago. I have a hard time with red lips but hello red nails! xx

  6. I've not tried these yet but as official nail varnish destroyer, I feel it is my duty! I have used Bourjois nail varnish a lot in the past so I'll be keen to see how it compares. The slanted brush sounds weird! Despite the application pitfall, I do love the colour xx

  7. Thank you I.B.G., I'm glad you like my blog!

    Thank you productdoctor, it is a nice colour. x

    Thanks Jeanie! I agree with you, it's much easier to experiment with nail polishes than lipsticks. And no hourly touch-ups required either. x Klara

    Thank Jane! Can I join the official nail varnish destroyers club? Pretty please. I don't think I'll get any of the other colours in this range but I did get two lovely bright Bnail polishes from the regular Bourjois line - a blog post to follow. x Klara

  8. I love this nail polish. I think you may have been unlucky with the brush because I thought the brush made it really easy to apply but I didn't have the same problem with the long bristles.



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