Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bargain of the (last) Week: Dior

Last Friday I went shopping for a gift for my mum's birthday and I've noticed the words SALE all over the windows of Douglas which is a German cosmetics shop that sells various mainly high end brands. Apparently they are closing all their shops in Slovenia (I think they were actually only two or three) which is sad but the good thing is that everything in the store except Chanel (I guess Chanel doesn't do sales) was on sale. The sale has actually started a few weeks ago already - I remember that a friend of mine mentioned that there was a 20% off on all the items. However, as Friday was the last day that this store was still open there was a 70% discount on all items. Yes: 70% off - all items! Waaaaa!

Now as the sale was already going on for a few weeks there weren't many products and colours in stock but I managed to find a beautiful bronzer and a lipstick.

I'm guessing you want to see what's in the pretty packaging:

Voila: Dior Matte Bronzer SPF 20 in Honey Matte (002) and Dior Addict lipstick in Singulière (465). The regular price of both items is over 70€ and I paid 21.18€. 

Now I have only used these products a couple of times, all I can say for now is that the bronzer is very smooth and smells delicious and that the lipstick is actually quite sheer and feels very nice on the lips.

Have you bagged any great bargains lately? I know the sales have already started in some countries so there are bound to be some great deals out there.


  1. What a terrific deal! 70% off that is amazing? I would have thought that I'd died and went to cosmetic heaven with a savings like that. Those were some great finds on your end for sure.

  2. I would have shopped half the store! ;) Lucky you!

  3. What a steal!!! Good for you! Can't wait for your reviews. x

  4. The packaging on Dior products is so nice. You have a wonderful blog, I will defintily be back to read more of what you post. I wish you lots of luck with it!

    All the best,

  5. Wow that's so good, you got some great things :)


  6. Oh my gosh, I don't think I could have handled a 70% off Dior sale! Talk about heaven!

    The colors you chose are beautiful...how lucky that you found something nice!


  7. Hi Jenn, I was very excited, running around the store like crazy :)

    Hi Flyavsted, I wish there were more items still available, I actually got the last bronzer.

    Thanks Christa!

    Hi Jeanie, will try to review these items asap, I have to say I'm really pleased with both items.

    Thank you Voe for such a lovely comment, I'm glad you enjoy my blog.

    Thanks Stephanie!

    Hi Shannon, I'm glad I got such lovely products, usually the items left at the end of thesales can be a bit of a miss, but these two are definitiely hits with me.

  8. Wow, da hast du aber Glück gehabt! Der Lippenstift ist wirklich toll! Viele Grüße



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