Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wedding season, Wedding season!

This summer, in June and July I'm invited to two weddings and I'm really really looking forward to them! So much actually that I've been driving everyone around me just a little bit insane, so with this post I'll now try and annoy you all as well. You're welcome!

These two weddings feel even extra special as the brides-to-be are very close friends of mine and I'll even be doing the makeup on one of the brides which is very exciting. We had our wedding makeup trial and it went really well - the standouts were MAC Satin Taupe, Shu Uemura P Pink 30 blush and a Collistar lipstick in the colour Cameo. She looked beautiful and the makeup stayed on all day. Of course with all the excitement there comes the typical "what to wear" question. For the wedding in July I will have my bridesmaid dress made by the mother of the groom. The fabric is a beautiful bright magenta "cotton cady" (and no I've never heard of this fabric before either) and the best part is that all the bridesmaids got to choose the design for the dress.

The neckline of my dress is very similar to the one on the above dress except that mine will have capped sleeves and the skirt will be fuller. I will show you a photo of the dress as soon as it's done, my first fitting is in two weeks.
And this is the clutch that I got in Accessorize - I actually went shoe-shopping and came back with  a bag, typical.

It's just the prettiest clutch I've ever seen (that might be an overstatement but it is very pretty). Now all I have to find are  the shoes, jewellery and of course the entire outfit for the second wedding. Not much, right?
And now for the makeup and hair - I found this photo on BEAUTYEDITOR.CA (I love Michelle's website and her recaps of the red carpet looks are the best) and instantly fell in love with the slightly messy low side bun. The makeup looks lovely as well although I think that bright pink lips with a bright pink dress might be a little bit over the top.

Mrs. "Thousand Feet" looking gorgeous as always (Image source)
If you have any advice on wedding makeup please share - I'm still searching for a good highlighter but I think we've got all the other basics covered. I will make sure to post the photos of the makeup and dresses that I'll wear to the weddings and maybe, if the brides will let me, even the photos of their beautiful dresses.


  1. It all sounds lovely, I am very jealous as I got to see my bridesmaid dress at the weekend and I really don't like it. It is a very dull lilac and the fit is terrible, even though it was made with all my measurements, the bust is huge so it needs a lot of alterations. I wish I had been able to have a say in the dress! The clutch is beautiful, I must see if I can spot it next time I'm in Accessorize. Have you thought about BECCA shimmering skin perfector as a highlighter? Lisa Eldridge did some greet Bridal beauty videos last year which might be helpful. Can't wait to see your photos x

  2. Uh, jaz še nisem bila na nobeni poroki... Si pa ful želim it, ravno zato, da bi se lahko tako lepo oblekla, pa malo našminkala :D

  3. Oh no Jennifer, I'm sorry to hear that! But you still have enough time to have the dress altered and I think that once it will fit you well it'll look better. The clutch was actually the first purse that I saw that day and I immediately knew that I had to have it. I was actually thinking about the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector too but I'm afraid that it might be too sparkly (I've read some not so positive comments on MUA), we'll see, I'll need to decide in the next few weeks, as we don't have a Becca counter here and I'll need to order online. Thank you very much for your comment! x Klara

    Živjo Biba, res je super priložnost, da se malo lepše oblečem pa našminkam, prav uživam v tem. Jaz tudi prej že dolgo časa nisem bila na nobeni poroki, zadnje čase pa jih je kar precej :) Klara

  4. Just cam to my mind (i don't know if mum already told you)- big family gathering/birthday party on June 4th :) n

  5. Love the clutch bag.

    Sadie xx

  6. @Nika: I knew June was going to be crazy ;) x

    @Sadie: Thank you, it's actually even prettier in real life. x



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