Monday, May 9, 2011

NARS Niagara & Revlon Pink Pop

NARS lipstick in the colour Niagara has been one of my favourites in this lovely weather. It's a gorgeous pinky coral without any shimmer (according to NARS' website it's a satin finish). The texture is a little bit weird: when I apply it to the lips it feels dry and it doesn't really glide on easily as some of my other creamier lipsticks but luckily it doesn't dry out my lips and it's very long-lasting. The scent is citrusy, but not overpowering at all.

NARS Niagara

Does anyone remember this makeup look that Christina Aguilera wore at the Golden Globes? I do because it was just so fresh and natural, not very typical for her. Well, Nars Niagara was actually used on her together with the bright pink lip gloss Easy Lover, again by Nars. I don't have this exact lip gloss but I think that Pink Pop by Revlon might be a similar colour and it brings out the pink tones in the lipstick. I really like the Revlon lip glosses, they are not overly sticky and there are some lovely colours  in the range (the colour Glossy Rose was actually my first "grown-up" lip gloss).

NARS Niagara + Revlon Pink Pop
I definitely recommend both products and the combination is especially flattering and perfect for this season.


  1. That looks gorgeous on you! Love how the pink pop doesn't look too pink just gives a nice sheen to the lovely Nars, beautiful! x

  2. Niagra looks really lovely, I was hoping you'd do a post on it after seeing it on you in you FOTD post. I'm a big fan of these pinky/coral shades but haven't bought a normal Nars lipstick for ages, tend to always go for the matte ones or pencils, but this is going on my list. The list that is about a mile long! x

  3. They work so well together... very sophisticated compared to some of the more sugary sweet corals. I'd love to try that gloss on its own actually - looks lush!

  4. Thanks Debbie! I actually got the Pink Pop after I read your blog post on it so thank you ;) x

    Hi Jennifer, I haven't tried any of the Nars matte lipsticks yet, I know that you like them, the finish on the Niagara is actually somewhere between a matte and a creme, I think you'd like it! I hope your exams are going wellx

    Hi Strawberry Blonde, I think that they work so well together because they don't have any shimmer in them. The lipgloss is also very pretty on its own, a lovely sheer, bright pink. x

  5. Nars Niagra compliments your coloring well. If I were a lipstick fan I might hunt this down. I do like Nars lip glosses though.

  6. Love those! I will have to look for that Revlon gloss in person. Your lips can carry any color!

    I wish I liked NARS a little better, maybe there's something wrong with me? lol
    x jeanie

  7. That combo looks lovely on you. I agree that Revlon makes some beautiful glosses. My favorite was Cherries in the Glow (a dupe for the discontinued stickier MAC Rich & Ripe), but then Revlon discontinued it! Your review has piqued my interest in Niagra; I have never tried that one. I am currently wearing Chanel Coquette, which is a pink coral, a bit outside my comfort range, but it looks nice for this time of year. Great post!

  8. Hi Jenn, I haven't tried any NARS glosses yet, I was always worried about the scent as so many people complain about it. Although the colours look very beautiful. x

    Thank you Jeanie, there's nothing wrong with you :) I wasn't blown aways by some of their cult products like Orgasm and Albatros but I'd like to try some eyeshadows, more blushes and now, lipsticks. x

    Hi Zuzu, I just googled Cherries in the Glow and it looks like such a pretty colour! They are discontinuing some of there matte lipsticks too which is a shame. I actually think that the Niagara is quite similar to Coquette - except that Niagara has no shimmer, but both are very pretty colours. x

  9. That is just gorgeous, I love the combination and you are right it is perfect for Summer

  10. They both look really lovely on you.

    For some reasong Niagara look kinda neon on me- I don't really understand. But I'm always jealous of anyone that looks good in Niagara.

  11. Hi Jenn, I've never tried NARS lipglosses, I guess I'm more of a lipstick fan :). I know that a lot of people are put off by the smell, although the colours are beautiful. x

    Thank you Jeanie, no, there's nothing wrong with you :) I haven't liked some of the cult NARS products either, like the Orgasm blush and the Albatross highlighter. The Revlon glosses are very good quality and I think that Pink Pop would love great on you. x

    Thank you Jen! That's a shame that it doesn't work on you. I guess it really depends on the colour and pigmentation of the lips - I know that on a friend of mine all colours look very cool, blue toned and she needs to pick much warmer lip colours for them to look neutral on her. x



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