Sunday, April 3, 2011

I've got a brown lipstick and I'm not afraid to use it!

I never ever thought I'd wear a brown lipstick, I usually even avoid the slightest brown undertones in lip products. However, back in September I was one of the lucky tweeps that won the little lipstick giveaway by Revlon. I didn't know what colour I'll get, I guess I should have expected the unexpected because the Revlon Superlustrous Lipstick in Mink (671) is brown.

Fortunately, the finish is lovely, very creamy and non-shimmery. It's funny, even though the colour is such a neutral I feel that it requires a full face of makeup, otherwise it just looks odd on my light/medium skintone. I do think that this colour would probably look gorgeous on someone with a darker skintone. 

I'm glad that I got to try this lipstick and I do wear it sometimes although I doubt that it would ever make an appearance on my list of favourite products. I'm sticking with my pinks/peaches/reds!


  1. I bought this one recently and have no idea why. It has been used once and I am hoping my mum will decide she likes it when she next visits so it can go to a good home! x

  2. The formula looks lovely and creamy. Brown lipsticks are definitely harder work than you would expect. I find it can make my lips blend in with the rest of my face too much. Thanks for sharing the lip swatches x

  3. I got rid of a few of my brown lipsticks but I get the feeling they're going to make a comeback in the fall!!

  4. @Debbie: Lucky Mum ;) Hm, I just thought of something: maybe we should try and use it as a contour? I might try that and will let you know how horribly it turns out. x

    @Jane: I agree, it's just too much brown all over and the rest of the makeup needs to be very neutral too, but still very well defined - too much work for everyday and the end result is not all that great either. x

    @Liz: Well luckily for us there's always a great range of reds/berries in the colder months as well :) x

  5. I rocked a brown lipstick back in the '80s, and it was a full matte brown as in brown lipliner all over the lip and that was it, so as a consequence a bit like not being able to wear the colour of your school uniform for pleasure, I really cannot do a brown lip. I do agree that it looks creamy and light but is not the easiest of colours. Thanks for this though, brought back some memories for me. Jan x

  6. Hi Jan! Ouch, matte brown lipliner is some heavy stuff. It's funny how some colours that were so dated years ago are all of a sudden so modern and vice-versa of course. x Klara



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