Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Favourite Online Stores

I love online shopping, I really do! The huge range of brands, great GWP offers, (usually) good customer service and the game called: Fill-the-online-basket and Empty-the-online-basket. Also, the calculating of the GBP-USD-EUR exchange rates is always fun!
Of course there are some drawbacks: obscene shipping rates to Slovenia (Hello!), problems with the post, out of stock products, but still in my opinion most of the time the pros outweigh the cons.

- Aus Liebe Zum Duft: This is a wonderful Germany-based online website that stocks an incredible range of niche perfume brands and some skincare as well. The shipping rates are quite high (8-12 EUR) but the delivery was very quick, 2-3 days from Germany to Slovenia and  some lovely samples were included. A little tip: if you're registered to their newsletter they will send you a code for your birthday for 10 EUR off your order.

- Benefit Cosmetics (US): I've only ordered once from the US Benefit website - I don't really order from the US too often because of the custom charges. The shipping fee was actually very low considering the package came from the US, they always include samples and when I ordered they sent me a full sized highlighter as a gift, even though the amount of my order was actually a couple of dollars short of the minimum value to qualify for the GWP. Very impressed!

- Lookfantastic: they have a wide range of brands, some great sales (a spring sale at the moment) and the shipping to Slovenia is actually quite reasonable, starting at 3.75 GBP  for one item. Also, when I had some problems with returning a product last year they solved the matter very quickly, offered me a refund and I got an additional product for free.

- Ormonde Jayne: Their online customer service is lovely (I can't say I was really impressed with the SA when I visited their Bond Street Store), they often have some great offers - I got a free mini candle with my order last year, and the packages are always beautifully wrapped.

- Serge Lutens: The shipping to Slovenia is usually 20 EUR (awful, awful, you'd think that we live on Mars) but in December just when I had the Chergui on my wishlist, they had free shipping with orders over a certain amount . The delivery was quick, the package came in a beautiful Serge Lutens bag and there were generous samples included.

- Space NK (UK): Again, a great array of brands, the shipping to Slovenia is 10 GBP and if you're not from the UK you can't place an online order, you need to order via phone which is a bit annoying. Last year they have introduced the N.Dulge loyalty card which is worth getting if you plan on ordering from them. The delivery to Slovenia was extremely fast, 3 days and there were always some nice samples enclosed.

- Zuneta: Now, my Zuneta wishlist is always crazy long - they really have some great brands there, I wish they'd stock some perfumes as well. The shipping costs to Slovenia are 10 GBP or 0 GBP if you order above 65 GBP (Guess how many orders below 65 pounds I have placed. Yup, zero.) Also look out for their weekly newsletter, sometimes they have great offers (GWPs, sales and sometimes even 20% off everything).

What's most important for you when you shop online and what are some of your favourite online shops? I'm always open to new suggestions :D


  1. Great post! I sometimes order from HQHair and I agree about Aus Liebe zum Duft, they are great and have quite large samples.
    A friend of mine is going to Germany for work for 6 months, so I'll be taking advantage of the fact that the shipping from Aus Liebe is significantly smaller that way. :)
    I mostly order perfume samples so The Perfumed Court and Posh Peasant for me.

  2. Hi Ines, thank you! Unfortunatelly I didn't really have good experience with HQHair in the past, I've received some expired products, but I guess they got better.
    The range at Aus Liebe Zum Duft is just crazy, I wonder what little gems you'll get.

    Haven't tried the Perfumed Court or Posh Peasant (yet:). Did you have to pay the custom charges when you ordered from them?

    x Klara

  3. As I usually order samples and decants from them, they don't amount to much and come in bubble envelopes so they pass undetected by customs. :D
    I don't think customs are interested in trying to figure the values of those decanted items even though some are quite expensive (lucky me).

  4. Well, now you've really encouraged me to try and order some samples. Will let you know if I get anything and thank you for the information, I really appreciate it! x Klara



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