Friday, March 4, 2011

Estee Lauder Double Wear Zero-Smudge Liquid Eyeliner (Brown)

I hate this eyeliner! Yes, I'm getting right to the point, no beating around the bush for this one.

The actual product is quite nice - a gorgeous shimmery brown colour, it applies very easily. However, even though it's supposed to be long-wearing I found that sometimes it started peeling off my eyelids - almost like those nailpolishes that you could remove by simply peeling them of the nail. Does anyone remember those? So, Double Wear in my opinion this product is not.

But the worst thing about it is the packaging:

Evidence A
If you're wondering what this is, it's the plastic stopper and I guarantee that I didn't have half of it for lunch. After a few uses the rubber stopper kept coming off and it started flaking off at the sides - I don't really know why, maybe the golden cap was too harsh and tight.

So I then removed the stopper but then every time I used it, the liquid would just get all over the packaging and the tip picks up way too much product because of course there is no stopper to control it. I give up! 

Evidence B
Also, if you check a review of the Double Wear eyeliner on Makeup Alley you'll see that quite a few people mention that they've had problems with the packaging so it's not just me.

What products deserves the "worst packaging" award in your opinion? I'd love to know so that I can avoid it :)


  1. It really s*cks that high end brands like EL have such a crappy packaging! If a lot of people have the same problem, why don't they look into this & make some changes? That's really beyond me.

    I'm not sure if I want to give it a worst packaging award, but Chanel glossimers are sometimes problematic because the product tends to smudge everywhere: Instead of just staying at the applicator part of the brush, it smudges everywhere *ugh*

    Great blog you have :-)

    Would you mind checking out my blog? Follow eachother if you like?

  2. Hi Tabatha, I also don't understand how such a big brand like EL even puts out a product with such bad packaging. I haven't tried the Chanel Glossimers, but thanks for the heads up :) x Klara



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