Sunday, February 20, 2011

You've got mail: Le Metier de Beaute!

Merry Christmas to me! Don't worry, I'm not going all crazy yet, but just a few days ago I received a lovely Christmas surprise in the mail. Now a little warning: you might get blinded by all this beauty over here:

Makeup candy!

Gorgeous, right? I've been playing with these goodies since yesterday and I can't stop looking at them.

So, here's the story: in December, Le Metier de Beaute had a little giveaway on their facebook page: basically you needed to write your wishlist of Le Metier de Beaute products and then they randomly picked 10 lucky ladies who would receive the products on their wishlist. And yes, I was one of the lucky girls (you might use a more colourful description, but let's keep it clean!). Because the packages were sent during the holiday season some of them got lost, including mine, so Le Metier de Beaute re-sent the them and I finally have my grubby little hands on these products:

- Eye Kaleidoscope in Splendid Frost 
- Lip Kaleidoscope in Moonstone Rose 
- Peau Vierge Lash Growth 
- mini Mascara
- Blonzer in Maldives Magic.

Now the products that I got aren't exactly the same that were on my wishlist, however, the colours are just so "me". I especially love the bright rosy pink lip colour and all the rich colours in the Eye Kaleidoscope (I mean, come on, there is a golden taupe, how could I not love that!)

So a huge thank you to Le Metier de Beaute, it was definitely worth the wait!


  1. You really are a lucky - girl! :)

  2. Woohooooooooooooo! I can't wait to hear how you find the Splendid Frost Kaleidescope. Have fun playing with your beautiful toys :-D
    Jane x

  3. I am beyond jealous!!!!! I have been trying for ages to get my hands on Spendlid Frost (not available in UK), can't wait to see how you find it. That is one amazing present. What was originally on your list? X

  4. so pretty, if only I could reach out and grab those Kaleidescopes.. ;)
    Well I'll sit here being jealous and waiting for your reviews x

  5. Hi Ines, thank you, I will, at first I was just carefully looking at the products, I was almost to scared to start using them! x Klara

    Hi Jane, thank you :) I haven't yet tried applying the eyeshadows on my lids but I did swatch them and they are gorgeous, especially the taupe and the blue. I will let you know how I get on with all the products. x Klara

    Hi Jennifer, I don't really understand why the Splendid Frost didn't make it to the UK. Also, I don't know whether the Lip Kaleidoscope is/was limited edition, I haven't found any information online. My original wishlist was Peau Vierge Skin Treatment (I really wanted to try it), Le Cirque Kaleidoscope, Mascara, Blush/Bronzer duo in Romeo&Juliet and a Lip Creme in Fraise. x Klara

    Hi Replica, I was just too excited not to do a post on these goodies. I know, they look gorgeous, even my boyfriend commented on the beautiful design. I'll happily review the products and make you all even more jealous ;)x Klara

  6. Looking forward to your thoughts and future posts on these Klara - don't forget now ;-)
    Jan x

  7. Hi Klara,

    I too was one of the lucky Le Metier facebook competition winners and also received the same two kaledoiscopes and Lash Growth serum (and a Marchesa lipgloss and dualistic pencil). I have to say that Splendid Frost is rather appropriately named. The colours are gorgeous and it looked particularly splendid on the lovely Georgina Champman at the Golden Globes.I just wish I could master Le Metier's signature layering technique. I'd be curious to know what you think of the Lash serum.
    Enjoy your lovely presents.

  8. Hi Jan, I won't forget, promise ;) x Klara

    Hi Karen, it's nice to "see" you here :) I agree, the colours in the Splendid Frost are gorgeous. I will definitely try the LMdB layering technique and will hopefully post some eye looks, today I just wore the golden taupe and it looked beautiful! Have you tried the Lash Serum yet? To be honest, I'm a little bit scared of using it. I hope you're enjoying your gifts! x Klara

  9. What a gorgeous prize! WOW!
    Splendid frost looks amazing, makes me crave it even more now seeing your photos! Congrats!!

  10. Hi Jeanie, thank you, the colours in the Splendid Frost are very beautiful and so rich, I will do a post when I have thoroughly tested it :) x Klara



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