Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I love Twitter and Thank you Becca!

Well, it's not really love but it's a big like. Let's say if twitter was on facebook I would have definitely pressed the like button (edit: I just checked on facebook and of course twitter IS on facebook. I can be slow sometimes).

Now I don't really like Facebook but twitter is a whole different thing. A great way of interacting with people and getting the scoop from your brands, websites, stores etc. And another awesome thing about twitter are twitter giveaways. A few weeks ago the Australian makeup brand Becca was having a quick giveaway and guess what? Yup, I won one of the Mineral SPF Primers SPF 30

I will have a chance to properly try the primer out next week when we go skiing and of course when the weather will get warmer to see if this will make my makeup stay on longer and keeping my skin shine-free (I might also use it on a friend who's getting married in July, will just have to check first if this causes any problems in flash photos).

Oh, and did you notice how the note above is from Claire to Klara (moi)? I just find that awfully cute.

Thank you Becca!


  1. This product is one of my most re-purchased from Becca, I eeked out a tube when there were repackaging issues and it was not in UK for nearly a year, it is perfect, a primer and an SPF in one. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Jan x

  2. Hi Jan, that's great that you like it so much. I hope I will like it as well, it does sound like a perfect primer-moisturizer-SPF all in one. x Klara



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