Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer in Plum Play With Me

Catrice is a German drugstore brand that is available in some European countries, a sort of slightly older sister to the brand Essence that is now available in the US as well if I'm not mistaken. In Slovenia we currently don't have their full makeup collection, only the nail polishes. They have a good selection of colours, one of the most popular shades is called Sold Out Forever, a mint green that's apparently a very good dupe for Chanel Jade (which was of course sold out).

Plum Play With Me is a dusty plum with a cream finish. I applied two coats over a base coat, without a top coat. It started chipping after 2 days so a top coat will be a must next time. It was quite easy to apply, dried quickly and I really like how it looks so glossy even without a topcoat.

Another good thing about these polishes is the price: about 2.5€ for 10 mls. The next colour on my wishlist is Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans - a deep blue with micro-shimmer. Now I might be hallucinating here, but don't the name and the colour make you think of a certain future British princess?


  1. wow, are these the photos you made, moments before you broke the orchid? it was clearly worth it : D guess what... i apparently have a good sense for language. you know what that means - it's good : ) i'm getting you a present (when i get paid) : )

  2. Hi sis, I didn't break the orchid, I broke the flower pot, big difference ;) Congrats on your article and please no gifts for me, you should rather save up for your holidays.
    x Klara



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