Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Clarins Rouge Prodige in Raspberry Sorbet

First of all, I'd like to wish a Happy New Year to everyone! I hope you all had a great time during the holidays. Now, I just can't wait for spring (all we have to do is to get thorugh January and February and March)!

When I was in London last year (ha, it was November actually but feels so funny saying last year!) one of the makeup items that I bought was a a Rouge Prodige lipstick by Clarins in the shade Raspberry Sorbet (111).

The Rouge Prodige is the newest lipstick range by Clarins and it is supposed to give "lasting-hold, intense colour, incredible shine and comfort too."  The colour in the packaging looks darker and redder (more red?) than when swatched and applied on the lips.

Here is the colour swatched on my hand...

... and applied to my lips:

I really like how shiny and glossy it looks however, the consistency of the lipstick is far too sticky for my taste and not as smooth to apply as the creamier lipsticks which I prefer. Also, it wears off very quickly, so I don't agree with the "lasting hold" claim at all (although I guess almost all newer lipsticks these days are being advertised as long-lasting). I do love the colour a lot, it's so juicy and I'll happily wear it all through the warmer months as well.

This lipstick costs 20-something euros here in Slovenia and in the packaging you get 3 grams of sticky goodness.

So, is anyone else fed up with the winter and the cold and the snow or is it just me?


  1. soooo... it's been raining for two whole day... now, that's springish : )

  2. It's mostly spring-like here unfortunately. I love snow.
    The color of the lipstick looks really good and shiny. I guess it means it can't be too lasting since it looks more like it's mixed with a gloss than just a lipstick

  3. It is a rather lovely colour - shame about the stickiness and non lastingness. Looks lovely on your lips, a really cheery shade. Thanks for this. Jan x

  4. Hi Nika,
    I know rain is springish but I would prefer a bit of springish sun :D

    Hi Ines,
    I agree I like the colour and the finish of the lipstick, but can't have it all in one, I guess.
    It's been very warm here as well, considering that it's January - perfect environment for the viruses. I just want spring to last a bit longer than usual - I feel like it's winter, then about 2 weeks of spring and then already summer. I'm being far too picky right now ;)

    Hi Jan,
    I think I will wear it quite a lot, just doubt that I would purchase any other colours from this range.

    Thank you for your comments!

    x Klara



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