Sunday, January 23, 2011

Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream

I ordered the Burt's Bees Butter Cuticle Cream quite a while ago – I was looking for a good cuticle product that wouldn't cost too much and would of course, actually help with the dry skin around the nails. After reading some mainly positive reviews I decided to give the Burt's Bees a go.

The Cuticle Cream comes in a small yellow tin, smells strongly of lemons and the consistency is more waxy than creamy but once you start massaging the wax in the cuticles it softens and sinks in the skin quite quickly (considering it's basically a mixture of waxes, oils and butters).

I find that when I do use it (I realized that I can be very lazy when it comes to actually using the products that I've got until my hands/skin/hair... is so dry or awful that I desperately need to use the products) it softens the dry cuticles really well but at the same time it's not so greasy that it would be suitable as a night treatment only. I apply the cuticle cream on my nails and on the cuticles - one thing I've noticed is that after using it my nails seem a bit whiter (which actually makes sense because it contains lemon peel oil which is supposed to have some whitening properties).

A tin of the Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream (or Wax) contains 17 g and costs somewhere around 6 GBP.

On the topic of hand stuff: this weekend I've just received a lovely surprise package of genereous samples of hand cream and body cream from Davina Peace and I'm very eager to give them a proper test, especially the hand cream as my hands are very dry and sensitive. Btw, I got these samples by simply registering on the Davina Peace website, I don't know if they are still doing this promo but it might be worth a shot.


  1. This sounds like something I might use (I surely do need it). Although I do suffer from the same problem of not using products until it's high time. :)

  2. Hi, Ines, I really like this Cuticle Cream and I'll try to use it more often. Although I have to say that now for about a month I've been quite good at using up products - cleansers and body lotions especially. But I guess we all have the same problem :)
    x Klara

  3. Hi Klara
    I really like this one too- it's sort of a stick to the *ribs* sort of cuticle treatment. Love the fragrance too- so fresh and clean. Burt's has some nice products- I used to love the ginger bath wash- thinking I need one of those right about now x jeanie

  4. Hi Jeanie,
    it is perfect for just throwing it in a bag and then using it when needed. The only other product from Burt's that I've tried was a lip shimmer and I really liked it as well. Have you tried any of their body lotions? I'm looking for a good nourishing body cream/lotion for sensitive skin. x Klara

  5. This looks gorgeous - currently using a treatment from The Body Shop - an almond oil one, but it can be a bit oily, so better for overnight. Going to try to get this one :)

  6. Hi too_busy_to_stitch (love your name!)
    I haven't tried any Body Shop hand or nail products so I can't compare but the Burt's Bees really isn't too oily at all so I'd definitely recommend it.
    x Klara



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