Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ormonde Jayne Ormonde Woman

For my birthday last year one of the gifts I received was the Ormonde Jayne Discovery set – a set of samples of all the Ormonde Jayne perfumes presented in a beautiful sleek black box. The only Ormonde Jayne perfume that I had tried before that was Ta'if  and I loved it so my expectations were definitely high. The scent from this sample set that I wanted to try the most was Ormonde Woman – I actually didn't think that I would really love it because from the other online reviews and the list of notes I was a bit intimidated by it and I asumed that it would be too spicy, too woody, just too much in every single way. But it is not too much, it is just enough.

When I first tried Ormonde Woman I was taken by surprise – usually, when testing a fragrance I would try to decypher it, think of the notes that are composing it (even though I'm not very good at pinpointing seperate notes). But Ormonde Woman for me is one of those scents that don't make me think of seperate notes that are defining the fragrance – it's just a beautiful and efortless composition.

Ormonde Woman manages to somehow find the perfect balance: the spices and the woody notes never get overpowering, the warmth of the amber base is counteracted with a subtle crispiness of the violet. and the end effect is very smooth, almost oily. I find it very hard to describe and obviously I cannot do tis beauty any justice.  

Here is the full list of notes (as listed on the Ormonde Jayne website):
Top: Cardamom, coriander and grass oil
Heart: Black hemlock, violet and jasmine absolute
Base: Vetiver, cedar wood, amber and sandalwood

However, with Ormonde Woman the whole is certainly greater than the sum of its parts, even though the parts are such gorgeous ingredients as amber,cardamom, violet and vetitver.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My London Report

Hello, Big Ben!
I had a great time in London and I think that my previous post deserves a part 2, so here it is. Unfortunatelly, this time around there was no Johnny Depp anywhere close but there were plenty of other things to keep us interested.
We arrived at our hotel on Friday evening after a two and a half hour drive from London Stansted airport with a London Express (ha, express, the irony!) bus. As we were so late we didn't have much time to do anything except go for a quick dinner and stroll around the Thames.

The following days were packed with sightseeing - the British Museum and Courtauld Galleries on Saturday, the Science Museum, the Natural History Museum and the Victoria & Albert Museum on Sunday, St. Pauls and Greenwich on Monday (and yes, a Paramore concert and no, I am not 15 years old) and then the Imperial War Museum and shopping on Tuesday. I was pleasantly surprised by how the mood was already so christmasy, decorations were everywhere and one of the pros for visiting London is that so many museums/galleries are free.

St. Paul's Cathedral
Fortunatelly, the weather was very nice! It was cold and quite windy at times but we only had to open our umbrellas once. The only problem was that on Tuesday afternoon I left my voice somewhere around Piccadilly Circus - so up until yesterday I was voiceless and cough-full. But, let's pretend that the glass is half full and I'm happy that I got sick at the end of our trip and not before.

A sunny afternoon in Greenwich
As I said, the last day was mainly supposed to be dedicated to shopping - we braved the Oxford Street and I have to say I was quite shocked and overwhelmed by all the stores, from Serlfridges, House of Fraser... so overwhelmed actually that I didn't get anything (reverse psychology or something). But, fortunatelly I did bring something from Liberty, Ormonde Jayne and the old faithful Duty Free at the airport.
I have to say that I loved Liberty - we've only been to the ground floor which is filled with makeup, skincare, accessories and perfumes. Everyone there was absolutely delightful and helpful, but not in any way pushy.
Also, I had a very pleasant expirenece at the L'Artisan Parfumeur shop in Covent Garden - the lady was very kind and helpful even though I didn't buy anything. 

So, here is the candy that made its way into my bag:

Mmm, candy!
From the top clockwise we have:
- Ormonde Jayne Ormonde Woman EdP (very excited to finally get my hands on a full bottle!)
- Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage in SC-2
- Bobbi Brown set of 2 gel eyeliners in Black Ink (matte black) and Sepia Ink (matte brown) plus a mini eyeliner brush
- Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Powder Pink
- MAC Viva Glam Cyndi
- Clarins Rouge Prodige in Raspberry Sorbet
- Laura Mercier Eye Colour Sampler
- Laura Mercier Oil-free foundation in Warm Ivory
- and the book that you see there is The Essence of Perfume by Roja Dove.

A better photo of some of the products
So, looking back at my winter wishlist I guess I was pretty good and I didn't stray far from it. Also, a week later I don't feel the buyer's remorse (you know, when you buy that bright blue eyeshadow that you know you will probably never wear). You can definitely expect to see the reviews of these products in the following weeks.

All in all, London was great and I would love to visit it again, but in the meantime I have the shiny and hectic December to look forward to which isn't bad at all.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


In just a few days (well as I didn't publish this before, it's actually already tomorrow, yipee) me and my boyfriend are flying to London for a short trip and honestly, I've been looking forward to it for months and of course, I've been in a planning mode for just as long and Maps Google definitelly became my new best friend.
The last time we were in London was last year's summer and the weather was absolutely fantastic: sunny, with just a few rain showers inbetween, to spice things up. I'm not really hoping for much sun this time around but since the weather here is just as bad these days it doesn't really matter.

So, what are we going to do in London? We're planning to visit the British Museum, the museums at the Exhibition Road, Courtauld Galleries, Imperial War Museum, go to a concert at the O2, buy some gifts for family and friends (any excuse to go to Hamley's will do!), swoon over a perfume store or two, see Johnny Depp*. You know, the usual...

And hopefully I will get at least a part of that Winter Wishlist in action so that I will have some new products to share with you when I get back in about a week. I hope you all have a great weekend as well!


*Last year when we were in London we walked past the Leicester Square on our last day of our trip and there was a premiere for Public Enemies (I didn't really like the movie, to be honest), and yes, there was Johnny Depp. And I kind of, sort of, maybe, hmm, like Johnny.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Deborah Atomic Red Lacque in Red

Yes, the Atomic Red Lacque in Red is indeed red and it is one of the only two lip lacques/liquid lipsticks from Deborah's Fall collection - the other Lacque is Nude and it is, a shocker, a nude colour (a peachy warm nude, if you want). 
So, back to the Red: it a liquid lipstick in a small and sleek black packaging, a bit similar to the Chanel Rouge Allure Laques. It is a gorgeous medium neutral red, very pigmented and has a wonderfully smooth texture.
It smells very similar to the L'Oreal lipsticks and Bulgari's perfume Rose Esentielle - and although I am a fan of roses this soapy and sweet version is definitelly not a favourite of mine.
So, here is a little swatch of the Red for you:

And this is what it looks like on my lips:

I think that  it's a very easy red to wear - even though I love the look of red lipsticks I often find them hard to wear however, this one is easy to apply, completely opaque and has a lovely sheen. Perfect, right? I might have to check the Nude colour too although it didn't look nearly as interesting than the Red and I hope that Deborah releases more shades of this Lacque, Rose, Pink and Plum would be just perfect!

P.s.: Trying to photograph a decent lip swatch is a nightmare! 


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