Friday, December 17, 2010

Tis the season for online shopping...

I know that you all probably already have the gifts bought and wrapped (I dont' yet!). However, there are still some great offers when it comes to holiday online shopping, so I thought that I would just put some of the more interesting ones in this post. So if you are brave enough and you want to try your luck with the post, you might want to check out these online shops:

- Ormonde Jayne is offering free worldwide shipping with orders over 60 GBP, code: SANTA
(valid until 20 December 2010);
- Beautique is having their own Beauty Advent Calendar - each day until Christmas they have different gifts with every purchase;
- Beauty Bay is also having their own Christmas Advent Calendar - every day until Christmas they have special offers, competitions etc.;
- Ellis Faas is offering free worldwide shipping for every order
(valid: December 2010);
- Serge Lutens offers complimentary shipping with all orders over 79€
(valid until 23 December 2010).

I really like that quite a few webshops are offering free worldwide shipping and not just let's say free UK shipping - Zuneta is also a great website when it comes to this because they always have free shipping for international  orders over a certain amount.

I think I may have to take advantage of the free shipping on Serge Lutens - Chergui just happens to be 79€ and I fell in love with it thanks to a lovely blogger Ines who sent me a sample, so thank you Ines for getting me hooked!

So, is anyone else left with last-minute shopping madness or am I the only one?


  1. I hate it when this happens! My first comment got eaten. :)

    I am really happy you like Chergui! I wanted to use the SL offer but as Croatia is not in EU, I can't. And I can't even use my colleague's goodwill in accepting a package for me in SLovenia as SL doesn't allow for shipping and billing address to be different.
    Oh, my life will get so much simpler when we're in EU as well... Sometime in the distant future. ;)

  2. Hi, Ines!
    That's too bad that they don't ship to Croatia, I always hate it when I see a great online website and then relize they don't ship to Slovenia. Tell me if I can help you with the SL order in any way. Btw, what did you want to get from SL?
    x Klara



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