Monday, December 13, 2010

Laura Mercier Eye Colour Sampler

I'm a sucker for palettes and the holiday season is probably the best time to snap them up as there is such a huge range of all these limited edition gifts out there and they are usually a very good value comparing to the regular prices of the brands.
So when I was in London last month (sigh…) I knew I wanted to try the Laura Mercier's Oil-free foundation so the SA at the counter at Liberty's tried it on me and then did my eyes with the limited edition palette Eye Colour Sampler (35GBP) and I was sold!

In the palette you get a dual-ended eyeshadow brush and 8 teeny-tiny eyeshadows:
From left to right we have:
- Sparkling Dew (sateen): a light shimmery champagne
- Chocolate (luster): a darker smoky brown
- Latte (luster): a metallic golden brown
- Pink Tulip (sateen): a light shimmery pink
- Ultra Violet (luster): the name says it all really, a beutiful violet/purple with a bluish sheen
- Pink Copper (sequin): again, Pink Copper is pink + copper sparkle
- Mica (luster):a silver (I'm not giving it a better description because I hate it!)
- Black Ice (sequin): silver and teal sparkles in a black base

And now onto some swatches (the swatching hand was kindly borrowed by my sister)
My favourites are the browns, Chocolate and Latte - they have the best pigmentation and apply smoothly although I still have to use a primer to get the most out of them. The lightest colours Sparkling Dew and Pink Tulip are sort of boring in my opinion, but I rarely get excited over these pale colours so, moving on...

Now, Ultra Violet looks beautiful in the pan and when swatched but applied on the eyelid it is far too sheer - again, working with a cream shadow is a must. Pink Copper and Black Ice (both sequin finish) work best when applied over a cream base or over a liner, because they are, again very sheer but have a beautiful sparkle to them.

And last and certainly least here is Mica - swatched, it actually doesn't look that bad but the texture of this shadow is way too loose and there is a lot of fall-out (and consequently, there is now a lot of the silver dust all over the palette, great). 

The dual-ended brush that you get in the palette is ok: I like the smudger end because it's just stiff enough but the eye colour end does not work well with powder eyeshadows because it's not dense enough. However, it works pretty well with cream shadows. 

One last thing (I'll shut up, I promise!): each eyeshadow weighs 0.4 g - yes, zero point four grams, it's not a mistake. For comparison, the full-size Laura Mercier eyeshadow weighs 2.6 g. Of course, with the palette you are getting a selection of 8 eyeshadows and I have to say that I love the Chocolate Latte and the sparkly Pink Copper and Black Ice for layering.

Overall I wouldn't say that I'm disappointed with it I just wish that all the shadows were of a high quality and more pigmented.

This week I will hopefully post some photos of the eye makeup that I did this weekend using this palette so you'll be able to see what the colours look like in action.

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