Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I'm a Klutz - Chapter II

I told you there was more, didn't I?

Meet today's beauty: Stila Precious Pearl Palette

Now, let's see the what the pearl inside really looks like:

Do you see something missing? Oh, yes, maybe some bits from the highlighter colour on the far left and of course, there used to be a beautiful olive-gold shadow on the far right. My excuse is that the Stila eyeshadows are just so very soft. The bathroom tiles of course had nothing to do with it...


  1. :)
    It fell on the floor?
    I can totally relate to that, I've been dropping things left and right these days...

  2. Yup, fell on the floor., I guess I'm just more "prone" to these little accidents.
    The good thing is that I had never dropped and broken a perfume bottle, phew!
    *knocking on wood heavily*



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