Sunday, December 5, 2010

Clinique Cream Shaper Eyeliners

Clinique is mostly known for its skincare, especially for the infamous 3-step system which didn't really work out for me as it was far too harsh for my skin (you can read more about my experience with the toner here). I think that because of the 3-step system some of the products from the »general« skincare range and the makeup products can sometimes be overlooked.

One of my favourite Clinique products are their Cream Shaper Eyeliners. The two double ended pencils that you see in the above photo were actually part of the Clinique Holiday sets that usually consist of a full-size mascara, double-ended pencil and eye makeup remover. I think that the best selling shade from the Cream Shaper range is Egyptian, a blackened green/gold. The Egyptian is on my wishlist but for now I have the following colours:

From  left to right we have: Starry Plum (06), Chocolate Lustre (05), Cocoa Shimmer (15)

Starry Plum is a beautiful purple with a blue sheen to it (and it makes green/hazel eyes, wait for it, wait for it...: "pop"), Chocolate Lustre is a deep chocolate brown with bronze shimmer and Cocoa Shimmer is a medium taupe with a silvery metallic finish to it. The Cocoa Shimmer is very subtle as an eyeliner but works very well as a base.
They are all beautiful colours, very long-lasting, soft but not as smudgy as the Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliners.
These eyeliners are currently my favourites and I just wish that they would release even more colours.

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