Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Winter Wishlist

I thought of calling this an Autumn Wishlist, but since the morning temperatures have now been around 0 °C I think there's no point in denying it: the winter's coming. Time to find that perfect winter coat (which I never do), get a new pair of gloves (beacuse it seems that all gloves I had have gone missing) and time to write wishlists. I love making wishlists, crossing things off and re-arranging it so here is my Winter Wishlist

1. The beauty that you see in the above photo is Trish McEvoy Beauty Emergency Card for Eyes (30GBP). It just looks perfect, a lovely palette of 6 eyeshadows, an Eye Definer and a Brow Shaper – all the neutrals you could ever need (ha!) The fact that it’s so small makes it great for traveling, it would actually be perfect for my London trip in a few weeks.
Another item from Trish Mc Evoy that I find interesting is the Eye Base Essentials: vibrant, bright-eyed and crease-proof? Yes, please!

2. Bobbi Brown Holiday palettes
I'd like to have all of them, pretty please. The Bobbi Brights palette has 20 colourful but tiny eyeshadows for 45 GBP and the Day to Night palettes look very beautiful and useful. Of course, I wouldn't mind trying the famous Pot Rouge by Ms. Brown, so let's throw them on the wishlist as well (16.5 GBP). And her Gel Eyeliners for 15 GBP. That's all! Moving on…

3. Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill mascara (23 GBP)
There was a rave review of this mascara on and sometimes I do wish I could kill with my eyes. Sold!

4. Frederic Malle Carnal Flower (145 EUR)
I love this perfume but it's so expensive I could cry. But no, it's a beautiful big tuberose, that in my opinipn smells wonderful from fall to summer. It's 10 pm and I'm not going anywhere and I just sprayed some of this juicy goodness on my wrist and this is how much of the sample I have left.

I feel a tear coming up...
5. Ormonde Jayne Ormonde Woman (68 GBP)
Compared to the Carnal Flower this is almost a bargain! I have only a teeny tiny sample left and it's a beautiful waxy woody scent so a full bottle is what I see in the future.
I just sprayed some on my other wrist, ahh, beautiful!         

6. Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation (32 GBP)
My skin is a sensitive and oily mess and this foundation has no perfume, no oils and no silicones, so I'm thinking that if this doesn't work, then nothing will.

8. a humidifier
This is a little bit random but allergies + dry, cold air are not a great combination, so it might be time to invest in a good humidifer.

There are tons of other stuff on my wishlist, from the entire range of Rouge Bunny Rouge eyeshadows and lipsticks, nail polishes, Tom Ford lipsticks but I think it might be time to stop now before I get a headache from calculating how much my wishlist is »worth«.

So, what's hiding on your wishlists?

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  1. Oh, I need a humidifier seriously bad. I think I found the one I will buy, I just have to check that it performs as I imagine it should.
    A killer mascara is always on my list, I just can't seem to find one. ;)

    Btw, I believe I have a relatively large sample of OJ Woman which I can't wear (or pretty much anything of theirs, it doesn't work on me). If you are interested, I'd be happy to send them over. They are just lying in my drawer unloved.

  2. Hi, Ines, which humidifiers have you been looking at? I still don't really know whether to get the cold-mist or the warm-mist one.

    Thank you so much for offering the sample of the OJ Woman, I will send you a message and we can arrange a swap :)

  3. Perfect!
    Here's the one I was looking at, I came upon it looking for essential oils:

    But now that I look at this, it's only for difusing stuff - I wanted something that does both. :(

  4. I found it - I mean why I thought it was a humidifier as well.
    So, I need an ultrasound diffuser in order to humidify the room.

  5. Smoochie why did you list the prices??? expecting a rich santa this year? : ) *

  6. I want Santa to be prepared. And next to Carnal Flower everything else looks pretty affordable ;)



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