Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I'm a Klutz - Chapter I

Oh, look at this beauty! I wonder what's inside...

The victim in question is a blush from Rouge Bunny Rouge in the colour Orpheline. It's a really gorgeous colour, even when broken (but of course, not very suitable for travelling now).
And unfortunatelly, this is one of those "to be continued" posts...


  1. oh no! I feel your pain. Does look like a nice colour though.

  2. I admit I screamed a little when it fell from my hands. It's a beautiful colour, not as warm as it shows on the photo though. Thank you for your comment!

  3. Hi Klara,
    I have to admit I have dropped quite a lot of makeup in my time, particularly Nars eyeshadow duos. I'm so jealous you have some Rouge Bunny Rouge though, I've yet to make my first purchase but my wishlist is growing all the time!
    Jennifer X

  4. Hi Jennifer,
    I managed to break the Nars bronzer, too :(
    I only have two Rouge Bunny Rouge products, this blush and a lipstick, and I am very impressed by both of them. Next on my wishlist are their eyeshadows - I've read so many good things about them and I think you would love their products :)

  5. Poor you! I hate when this happens! I once dropped an entire pot of Bare Minerals liner the color Retro (black/brown) on my bathroom floor- the vanity area had light beige carpet.... needless to say it was ruined and no matter what I did to clean it- it just got worse! I got a rug to cover up the flub but eventually we replaced the carpet with wood floors.
    btw- you need to try the RBR shadows- they are beyond lovely- I have four and am pining for MORE

  6. Ouch, that's awful but wood floors are probably more makeup-proof than a beige rug.
    Well, I just saw your newest post about RBR and can say that you're definitelly adding to the temptation.
    x Klara



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