Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Clinique anti-blemish solutions clarifying lotion - a review

Meet the Devil... I mean, Clinique anti-blemish solutions clarifying lotion, step 2 of Clinique's infamous 3-step skincare system. Yes, it's a "system", so I guess it should work. Well, it doesn't.

The Story:
I don't know why I even bought it - I mean I knew that the toners from Clinique's regular line are full of alcohol so why should this one be any different. But this SA was going on and on about it and how it helped her son and I just couldn't listen to her so I bought it without checking the ingredient list.
The Ingredient List:
Number 1 on the ingredient list is aqua, also known as water and number 2 on the ingredient list is alcohol denat also known as alcohol. Of course that's not all it contains: there's also nylon, which apparently is a good absorber, salicylic acid, a nice "acne-fighter", witch hazel which means more alcohol, caffeine which is being highly advertised in anti-celulite products, so it will definitely help if you have celulite around your blemishes (You don't? That's weird!). There are also some other ingredients in there but they don't sound nearly as interesting.
Basically, with these kind of ingredients you could either
a) make a killer potion - one sip and bye, bye internal organs, or
b) of course, an obvious choice, make a toner for your face!
The Positive:
- I like the colour,
- if I have a cold I just have a sniff of this stuff and it gets better in an instant.
The Negative:
- it burns,
- it made my skin flaky, irritated, red, dry...
- ... and it didn't help with the blemishes (however, I was only using it for a while as it really made my skin worse and it just didn't seem to be worth the effort).

This toner is in my opinion awful and the only thing from the 3-step system that I actually like is their Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel.

I blame it on the SA!

(Update) Full Ingredients List: Water, Alcohol Denat, Nylon-12, Salicylic Acid, Butylene Glycol, Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel), Laminaria Saccharina Extract, Caffeine, Sucrose, Glycerin, Acetyl Glucosamine, Sorbitol, Sea Whip Extract, Barium Sulfate, 10-Hydro-Xydecanoic Acid, Silica, Disodium Edta, Benzal, Konium Chloride.


  1. I just received this in my latest Sephora order. I'm using it after removing my makeup in the evening. I only use it on my combo t-zone and so far it's not drying me out or irritating my skin. It sounds like it's way too harsh for your skin and that's a shame- perhaps you can exchange it for another Clinique product- my counter is nice about returns. Lovely blog you have here. x jeanie

  2. Hi Jeanie,
    unfortunatelly, Clinique ladies here aren't really nice - and in general, returns aren't handled in a very good way here. It's great that your skin doesn't react badly to it and that you can use it without any problem. When it comes to skincare it's definitelly hard to tell if something will suit you without of course, trying it first.
    Thank you!
    x Klara

  3. Came across this post while looking for an ingredients list (threw the one it came with away months ago) to write a negative review on my blog! I have the least sensitive, but oily and acne prone skin going, and this dried it out, made it flaky, stung and didn't really help prevent spots much in the process.. I might use the rest of the bottle to strip wallpaper. Really helpful post x



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